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Reflections on January Sixth's triumph in The War of the Spirit:

Someone Crossed the Rubicon, but it wasn't Trump, it was us.

We struck a mighty blow against the Enemy which has reverberated around the globe and will be remembered into the indefinite and infinite future. All we have to do now is walk the path to victory with discipline and we win.

What is the path?

  1. Destroy the GOP by primarying all of them who aren't fighters starting Spring 2022, and if we lose torpedo the cuck in the general - not by "staying home" but by voting for a third party that is moving towards Partition. The GOP, which cannot win anyway, will have even their HOPE of going back to politics as usual also taken from them, and then our folks will know there is nothing left to do but fight, then we win.

  2. Digital separation as a prelude to political separation - get off all Enemy platforms and build our own. This shouldn't really take all that long. and Parler proved this. Never let the Enemy control your means of communication.

  3. Pursue the legal path to Partition

A) Supreme Court case overturning Texas v White

B) Constitutional Amendment allowing secession: 75% in favor in one election, or 2/3rds in favor over 2 elections, or a majority in favor over 3 elections, at the state level, conducted by petition or legislature every 2 years alongside Congressional Elections each November.

C) A Convention of States where we use the convention to split up the country rationally.

D) A Senate treaty where the US cedes territory to an organization representing our new nation, and which has the terms of Partition enclosed.

E) An appeal to the UN Treaty and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the US is signatory to and which the US is actively using to split up other countries around the world.

  1. The Enemy will never agree to our freedom, but the peaceful and legal campaign outlined above will strengthen the new state and lead the way to a General Strike (backed by credible force) which will force them to give up.

  2. With our allies from all other races and nations, ban AI, robotics and transhumanism then continue the Indo-European Expansion into space.

That is what January 6th showed. They saw a premonition of the future. They saw a prelude to our victory. That is why they are howling and calling for blood and we are elated!

I promised a short, salutary fight, now a longer one awaits: 4 to 16 years - as God wills.

Afterthought 7 Jan 8
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“Never let the Enemy control your means of communication”

They already did
How’s that Parler working out ? Kind of hard to “build your own” when they control everything you are allowed to do

That shows the impotence of the Enemy, Parler will be up and running soon enough, and even when down, communication continues anyway via other channels.

What their panic does is teach the slow learners that there is no living with these people in peace and honor. They do our work for us.

Thanks for the comment.

You have an important point.

In a very real sense, the Enemy indeed controls everything.

But Parler did not "build their own". If they built their own, they'd use their own disk drives, and not depend on Amazon's AWS.

Now, it still might be possible to shut them down somehow, since their packets have to travel over carriers. But this would be more difficult, because they would all have to collaborate, and they are more regulated. Anybody who wants to please correct me on this point, but i think it is true.

I think the takeaway is that we have to learn to be as self-sufficient as possible. Whatever else is right or wrong with North Korea, they have the right idea in Juche.

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