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Will you take the vaccine?

steve1066 6 Dec 4
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"Actual, real-life conversation example of thousands of similar ones a.k.a. It’s Not Just You...

Person 1: Masks are a symbol of fear and bondage. So, if you want to wear a mask – wear it, and then shut up and leave the rest of us out of your paranoid compliance psy-op.

Person 2: It’s just a mask. What is the big deal? Why won’t you wear one? Why is that so hard for you to do?

Person 1: Please, it is not "just a mask". Psychologically it reveals control and compliance – it is a test – who belongs to the "collective" and who does not.

Person 3: It’s about caring for other people and not your political views. It’s about saving lives. It is not the time to be political.

Person 1: You are in a circus playing your part just as the media trained you. The mask is not about politics or health. Use your brain man! Think for yourself!

Person 2: No. It is just a mask. You are reading too much into it. A mask will keep you safe and others too. It is really very little to do and not at all difficult.

Person 3: Please keep well back from people who are trying to look after themselves. Your obsessive and exaggerated desire to exercise your freedom could be the death of someone if you get covid and spread.

Person 2: It is just a mask!!!!!! Really not hard at all. Much easier than getting used to an oxygen machine or ventilator.

The insanity is almost overwhelming.

Which is what I’ve been thinking all along, but what was put on the record by Dr. Lorraine Day, an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and bestselling author who was on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics for 15 years.

Person 1, if you’re reading this, I salute you! And today, I have even more proof that you are absolutely, irrevocably accurate in your beliefs. I hope that you, my friend, will make it, while your mask-wearing frenemies keep spreading bacteria and weaken their immune systems.

They will get bacterial pneumonia, it will be blamed on Covid, they’ll be vaccinated, get sicker, which will lead to more vaccinations and more people dying. Just like the Spanish Flu in 1918. As confirmed by Dr. Fraudci in 2008.

Or, basically, in the words of Dr. Vernon Coleman, "The mask-wearing collaborators are going to kill us all."

Watch today’s video to see new shocking truths about the mask madness that every person in the world should know. What you do with the information is your business."



Yes, most likely, reluctantly. If I am massively inconvenienced by not taking the vaccine then I will take it.

For example, if I have to pay 10x as much to fly on an airplane without a vaccine then I'll take it. Air travel is not something I'm willing to give up, and right now, there's an oligopoly on air travel. If I had to spread my buttcheeks to a tranny TSA agent then I'd do that too because there's no other way to travel quickly.

By the way, I think the American government can make 99.9% of Americans take the vaccine if they want us to. All they'd have to do is offer financial incentives to big corporations to refuse business to anyone who doesn't get vaccinated. "They're private companies. They can do what they want."

That's how the government gets private companies to do diversity hiring. It can work for vaccines too. As long as the government makes it profitable for the companies to refuse customers' business, then they can make it happen.

The obedient think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly
(Robert Anton Wilson)

@steve1066 I'll wait a few months for the guinea pigs to try the vaccine before I take it. Again, this is only if I am massively inconvenienced by not taking the vaccine. We already let the TSA feel us up and get naked pics of us with their scanners. If this vaccine is largely harmless, then it's just another stick on my camel's back.


Will you pay the extortion fee?

Will you wear a mask?

Will you follow the followers?

What powers are at work in either direction?

I will not voluntarily take the poison, and I will not voluntarily drink the cool-aid.

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