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Rittenhouse railroading continues. Watched today, the young man's preliminary hearing. His lawyer presented photo proof a blind monkey could see exculpatory - & actually evidence enough HIS attackers should be arrested, why haven't they been? (Oh yeah, two of them are dead.)

But the state's attorney objected to every point & the judge sustained most all of them; before concluding Rittenhouse should be tried. A comedy of cuckedness the both of them, if not that their actions continue the travesty of this persecution NOT prosecution.

The judge did find time enough for some humor, a few bad jokes attempted & another couple "Hehe"s during the proceedings. Hey your honor, a young man's life is on the line; save your bon homie for the judge's chamber.

PS - Rittenhouse's 3rd attacker - the Uncle Tifa domestic terrorist got his upper arm exploded - was among the "Hollywood Squares" Zoom video screen. Just before the kangaroo court, 'er I mean, hearing began, he fell off his chair disappearing below the screen. Well, I have to admit there WAS something funny after all.

@ 2:51:

Re Uncle Tifa: Blacks have their Uncle Toms, white male members of Antifa, Uncle Tifas.

JATW 6 Dec 3
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That WAS pretty damn funny

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