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Like 2016, tomorrow is a Day of Judgment for America wherein the nation collectively casts judgment on itself.

Sure there will be cheating, lawfare, etc, in addition to plain old voting but the summation of all of that activity will produce either a Trump win or a Biden win or an inconclusive outcome but under no circumstances will there be a united country that can face the challenges of the future.

How do I see the election? As a enactment of the Aryan Expansion vs the Rising Tide of Color. As the universal principle of Order and Truth vs Chaos and Falsehood. As another rearguard action not only against White Genocide but also the Abolition of Man.

I will be very sorrowful if the populace affirms the lockdowns, corruption, censorship, and riots of the Enemy. I will be sorrowful because, though the nation has died, I would hate to think of it as a suicide, rather better to have been a murder.

Four years ago, Trump and the Alt Right had a precious, God Given opportunity, and squandered it. Trump's Inauguration Speech was essentially a rehash of Bush's 9/11 "go shopping" speech, when he should have cried "la patrie en danger!"

The thankfully defunct Alt Right, instead of laying out a case for the salvation of America OR its dissolution, said that its movement was about "cartoon frogs and having a good time" before it went on to HeilGate, PunchGate, the Armed March on Whitefish, Charlottesville and so forth.

If you accept that what is at stake is no less than mans relationship to the Order of the Universe, and man's survival against the advancing wave of technology, and the survival of one's progeny, then no, the movement was not, is not, and never should be about frivolous things or lead by frivolous people.

The election shouldn't even be close, but Trump made it close by not grasping the gravity of the situation until far too late - perhaps at the Mount Rushmore speech. He desperately wanted to have politics as usual when the nation is literally dying. He wanted to finesse and work within the system and the Enemy rather than wage physical bloody war on it. He didn't want to be the man his critics accused him of being.

And he wasn't.

Alas, it was never about Trump anyway, more about time. Time to make the case for a new, separate country carved out of the wreckage of the old. A nation that will be a launching pad into space where we will continue the Aryan Expansion and spread Order to the Magnificent Desolation of space. Ultimately we will win, but perhaps not before we are tested well and truly. With Trump it will be difficult, without him it will require a miracle.

Let us see what the All-Maker has in store for us.

Afterthought 7 Nov 2
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You and I both. It was always the American's job to keep the Republic if they wanted it. I only hope enough woke up so we can spend the next 4 years invested in retaining the Republic for future generations. Bush was a disappointingly RINO president...

dd54 Level 8 Nov 3, 2020

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