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Experts claim that we will always be required to wear a mask and not have social interactions, even if a vaccine is created.

ramzpaul 8 Oct 26
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Will this be on bitchute at some point ?


Vaccines may only be 30 percent effective.

wolfhnd Level 7 Oct 26, 2020

I will continue to live my life without fear and without their useless masks. Life is short, live it or lose it.

Dmwils Level 7 Oct 26, 2020

Import the 3rd world you get the 3rd world.


I manage to get to watch the video and noticed that there were no comment section, thought that was odd and once video finished and refreshed the page the video was removed by YT

Same thing happened to me. Look for it and all the others on bitchute I hope


Been removed for violating YT terms of service.

emmdee2 Level 5 Oct 26, 2020

Those who are living in the countryside had it all figured out way in advance.

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