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What lessons will be learned by the two major coalitions in America if Trump loses?

The Establishment: Corporate Stalinism works.

The Populists: there is no path to victory through the system at hand.

I too pray to God for deliverance, but also know that God may want us to be tested (and thereby purified and strengthened) rather than bailed out.

Even as someone who knows America is dead, it will be sad to see the party of lockdowns, censorship, and riots not chastised by the people.

Afterthought 7 Oct 7
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Justice only comes when people finally reach the end of their rope.


America dead? Near-death experience, IMHO. Then there's resuscitation. Definitely needs a lot of prayers ATM. I'm not American, BTW, I'm 🇵🇭


That was a thought provoking read, but I may have read too much into it. What does the following mean?

"not chastised by the people."

Do you mean that the majority polarize into a cause to act as the people who chastise those criminals who perpetrated so many crimes, including crimes against humanity, in their effort to hold onto their power to control the polarization of the majority?

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