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If you arent in the hot seat, you're just another arm chair critic.

H0bo 6 Sep 2
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But is your involvement productive. How effective have the protests and counter-protests been? If the point of them is to bring justice how well has this worked? Since the George Floyd protests and demonstrations has the country starting to move together to work out these problems or have those problems been magnified and lead to greater division. After being in the hot seat, do you just put away your signs and become an armchair critic, or do you try to find out what is really going on, how it got that way and what can be done about it?

Protests make you feel good and satisfies you that you are doing something. The also provide cover for criminals that have no interest in the cause to loot and burn. It gives you the false cover that you are helping without having to expend effort to help fix things.

Fixing things is a long hard slog through trials and disappointment. Our culture demands an instant fix to problems which is not going to happen. All factions have skin in the game and need to look at themselves to see what they can be doing better rather than just throwing all blame on the other side.

protests have never done anything. Even MLK admitted desegregation did no good when people who can't afford a cup of coffee and hamburger are segregated by economic status, and shifted his focus from racism to an all lives matter approach with the poor peoples campaign. Shortly after he was assassinated. Im sure that assassination had nothing to do with his 'all lives matter' messaging as opposed to the former.,.

That post was more in general terms..if i havent person experience in a subject, then really im just an armchair critic.. and that cann ap[ply to most anything.

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