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Remember the greatest ad ever made for Trump was created by a shit eating leftist that hates his guts. God bless those morons.

Flagherty 6 Aug 30
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As far as names go, well i;m kinda having a problem, I mean Joe blow, BillyBob blow, I don't know but Steve Blow Mike Hunt? just sounds weird, check please


I knew before I even clicked that it was going to be this rotund jolly fellow, glorious to relive it

Michael Moore was one of the few millionaire leftists who predicted that Trump would win in 2016. Say what you want about him. he understands the working class. He was not only right in his prediction, he was also right about the "Why" of it.

@curvycom Curvey, ya caught me with my pants down, re watching it as we speak, and you sir are 100% accurate, gotta go back, i've watched this 9 times today

@MikeHunt Mike Rowe also predicted Trump's 2016 victory because he spent so much time talking to working class people all over the country.

@curvycom I hate most celebs, but I always liked Mike (oh too many to post but mike row memes are legion, my crow mike crow crow, the micro version of mike crows micro crow etc)

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Posted by CourseofEmpireWell, as long as it’s done by a private company, I guess it’s ok then, right?

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Posted by CourseofEmpireYes, I'm sure she was an absolute polymath.

Posted by CourseofEmpireInteresting, so it does seem that restricting immigration actually benefits a country: []

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