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Looky, looky, looky.... I know many of you are disappointed with the pick of Senator Harris for the vice president role. Here is one example of why I as a centrist Democrat voted for Kamala... I am not attacking Congresswoman's Gabbard Religion. I think she has honorably served her country.

Scjames8 6 Aug 15
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Anyone who is still a Democrat in America has problems with their critical thinking abilities.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 15, 2020

I told someone I was a Democrat and he called me a dummicrat lol... You know I sometimes vote for a republican if I think they will rule with honor and integrity.

@Scjames8 Portland Oregon is the current ultimate expression of Democrat ideology.

No thanks.

@Scjames8 . but you vote for a Democrat without either honor or integrity?


Way back in the '70's i was a ride operator at a local amusement park, we allowed various sketchy people to drift among the people, a newspaper guy (selling the daily news) . a single mom fortune teller would drift amongst the crowds, but one day some pretty girl came up to my ride, (it was a slow day) and sold me a copy of the bagdadidid fuck, not even trying to spell it
It was illustrated, sweet pics of some blue dude swordfighting with many other dudes, i guess he won at the end, Krishna if i'm not mistaken

I can't put down the Religion because I don't know it. It may be a fine idea. I was trying to point out that Gabbard is different than Harris.
Regarding the last election. Personally Mormonism is a cult. Not that I think they are bad people. Oddly enough I voted for Mitt Romney over President Obama because Obama lit the White House in pride colors. Mitt Romney all though I and I had few political agreements. It is hard to be a centris Democrat. Thank God Biden didn't pick mayor Pete I would truly have no one to vote for... I think that is enough rambling for a while.

@Scjames8 LOL I've worked with Mormons, the nicest people one could meet, one chick got her finger stuck in a printer and all she screamed was "Shucky Darns I'm stuck", i laughed all the way whilst freeing herl, Shucky Darns??
My ass would have been cursing the Lord, my mom, oh lets go back to Eve

@Scjames8 Don't worry, Ms Shuckky Darns was ok. still has 10 digits (well it;s been years so I can't confirm, but she left OK )

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