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The cannon hinnant story really messed with me. I know it’s not really the first story like that but as someone with kids, this hit a bit harder this time. I was even dumb enough to try to debate BLM activists on social media but It was futile. The white BLM supporters just don’t get it. And some of them even have kids! I’m typically quiet on social media but couldn’t resist this time. I’m hoping I at least redpilled some normies though and found that at least a little bit of my opposition was somewhat level headed.

Wafflestomper 6 Aug 15
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Mister Stomper, I lost it when that kid was tossed from the 3rd storie from a mall , thankfully he survived, It's hard to get through to people that just watch MSM all the time
Brainwashing was a proven technique in the '50's, still works now

Yeah that one got to me too. I’m glad he survived. I hope he recovers well....

@Wafflestomper When i was like 5 i got bit by a snapping turtle those motherfuckers hold on (upstate NY) I'm sitting there screaming until adults came in and severed that fuggin beast's head. And then they had to remove the beak from my leg. I will shut up now

@MikeHunt a healthy society with a strong community would’ve done the same, but white victims of interracial crime try as hard as they can to not see race. Cannon’s father had dinner with the murderer previously. Mollie Tibbet’s father was another example, raving about Mexican food as a result of multiculturalism, that of which led to her daughter’s death (who made plenty of anti white statements anyway)

If you have a family, your welcoming tolerance can have major consequences.

@Wafflestomper Oh, Mollies father, oh i can't even believe he got hard enough to impregnate his wife w/o some bull porn to create Mollie, what an utter faggot, hey but the food is good, right"?
An utter disgrace of a father

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