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[] Cerno (who I like) and the "just were the mask" types who are otherwise on my side say they have a non-negotiable; forced vaccination. I hope they really mean it.

What they don't understand about many of us "anti-maskers" is that we've understood for a long time that forced vaccination is the final inner wall of our personal liberty that we have to defend, and that the mask debate is just an outer wall that we need to defend for as long as we can, so that the battle does not proceed to the inner wall.

I have my doubts that the "I wear a mask but I won't get a vaccine" crowd won't also cave to the pressure when the full vaccine propaganda onslaught begins. They've already caved on masks with zero real evidence that they help, so why wouldn't they cave on a vaccine that has not been shown to be effective or safe? It will be the same, "well it doesn't seem that risky, and it might help so why not just be cooperative and get it?"

If you've already let someone talk you into covering your face for no good reason, you're willing to bend on anything.

I say this to stir up the people who wear the mask even though they think it's useless. You need to take your mask off right now if you want this nightmare to end.

2bears42youths 4 Aug 15
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