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Yeah, they call them "Conspiracy Theories"

Bezos, Bloomberg, Branson, Gates, Peter Thiel, Tim Disney.
But the Thiel investment was on one Israeli company specialized on immune system disorder.

I have evidence that will convict HillaryClint

MikeHunt 8 Aug 15
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And trust me when I say that getting older is no fun. Maturity, yes; Experience, sure; but look at Sleepy Joe. That's no picnic. I don't like it personally, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

The Coron Chan has depleted the Adrenochrome supplies
The Adreno must flow

OK no jokes, I've seen that look, that stuttering, that frustration of not getting the words out in my mothers last days, how can he be a viable candidate? He's just an empty vessel, just keep him alive for the election, 2 days later it's President Carmella

@MikeHunt i agree, but I was mostly talking about how it's no fun to be old.

@MikeHunt the adreno must flow. But don't let them deionize you.

@curvycom I'm older than Ramz, not that this is a contest or anything

@curvycom just looked that up, wtf? scary shit

@MikeHunt Me too. In my 60s.

@curvycom Ah, so that's why we get along so well

@MikeHunt i was just adding to the adrenochrome meme. "deionize" was a reference to a middle Eastern slide poster saying it by accident instead of "dehumanize."

@MikeHunt maaaaybe. You kinda remind me of the guys and gals on maybe you should check it out. I'm on there. My wife too sometimes. She used to help manage it when it was much bigger. It's pretty quiet now only a handful of core people left.

It is a public forum, but privately hosted.


Pete has been involved in life extention research for a long while. I like when these guys do this and space research, instead of censorship stuff.

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Posted by CourseofEmpireA little weird. All of them ina nation that is overwhelmingly Eastern Orthodox? Shouldn’t there be more of them in there instead?

Posted by InspirationHow do you explain this.

Posted by CourseofEmpireIf the international banking cartel says that you aren't allowed to have a bank account, it means you are a threat.

Posted by CourseofEmpireThis should be our objective

Posted by CourseofEmpireProposed measures to reduce fertility in the US, 1967. "Too Many Americans."

Posted by CourseofEmpireA little pita bread, tsaziki, souvlaki, mmmm, quite tasty; not sure about the social media platform though. ;)

Posted by CourseofEmpireI mean, is he really wrong?

Posted by CourseofEmpireThere are reports many larger cities are starting to see an outward drift. Maybe the early stages of this? ;)

Posted by CourseofEmpireWhy can’t C-19 vaccine mandates be taken seriously?

Posted by CourseofEmpireWarren is one of the inventors of mRNA and he believes 1 to 2 billion will die from this vaxx. []

Posted by CourseofEmpireThe vast majority are vaxxed. This can’t be the unvaxxed who are mostly dying. Remember, they are a few months ahead of the Northern hemisphere.

Posted by CourseofEmpireAwesome 😂

Posted by CourseofEmpireWeimar (yes, THAT Weimar) will no longer report numbers of vaxxed people being hospitalized for COVID because the truth might be used for "misinformation." -Lovecraft's Cat

Posted by CourseofEmpireAny cause. This is an amazing vaccination, you are almost invincible if you get it, everyone (except a few little side effects and such)! 😂

Posted by CourseofEmpireHow long before a politician is physically attacked and even killed for mandating vaccines? []

Posted by CourseofEmpireNotice how much things increased with this one vaccine?

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