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Vox Day: The Myth of Jewish Intelligence

Publisher Vox Day (Theodore Beal), the man behind the recent high profile lawsuit against Patreon, investigated the claim that Jews enjoy the highest IQ average on Earth.

Day's main points refuting this claim are that:

  1. The source of the typically cited figure of 114.88 is a single study of hand-picked private school students from 1957. A similar study from the previous year in which the subjects were non-Jewish whites came up with a mean IQ of 119.3.

"Shall we therefore conclude that the average white American is more intelligent than the average Jew because one very small group of elite private-schooled white Americans outperformed another very small group of elite private-schooled Jews? Of course not, that would be nonsensical, right? The samples are not representative, right? There are numerous other statistical idiosyncracies that demonstrate the irrelevance of these post-WWII IQ studies to average population IQs; for example, one study reported that the average IQ of the boys was 112.8 and of the girls was 113.6. If we are to take these particular IQ studies as definitive, then we must conclude that girls are more intelligent than boys, all other subsequent studies and observations to the contrary."

  1. The math doesn't work out given the official numbers out of Israel

"given the average reported Israeli IQ of 95, and the average reported Jordanian IQ of 84, the claim of an average 115 IQ for Ashkenazi Jews would necessarily require all other Jews to have an average IQ of 84.2. This means that even if Ashkenazi Jews did have a mean IQ of 115, then the average global Jewish IQ would be 107.0. However, on the basis of the original studies pointing out that the reported IQ scores are not indicative of mean or average Ashkenazi IQ, we can be 100 percent certain that this estimated 107 IQ is higher than the real Jewish average.

"For example, if Lynn is correct and the Ashkenazi mean is 107.5, then the average global Jewish IQ is 103.2. Not bad, certainly, but considerably lower than 115 and an insufficient foundation on which to construct a believable narrative of intellectual superiority and inevitable success."

  1. The evidence of high Jewish intelligence did not appear until Jews were in positions to seed the evidence.

"Moreover, where was this disproportional high-IQ success in Roman times, in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance? Where was it in the Napoleonic era? Why did it only appear when and where a sufficient degree of societal influence in certain societies had been obtained? And most of all, how did various European countries observably benefit so greatly from reducing their average IQs through the various expulsions? [The Renaissance occurred directly after Jews were expelled across Western Europe]"

Jews invented the high IQ narrative for a simple reason: If they cannot explain their wealth and influence as an accident, a simple byproduct of IQ superiority, then we must seek out another explanation.

So, how did Jews, with no great IQ advantage, end up holding so much wealth, and get into so many positions of power, in our society?

Obviously, through violating certain standards of honor, breaking the white/Christian social contract. While non-Jews compete honestly, Jews relentlessly scheme and network, lie and deceive to get ahead, and generally operate as a low key, and sometimes as an overt, ethnic mafia.

If you want to know why they do this, and to learn about some of their activities, this article will help: []

Thaw 7 Aug 11
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If Jews aren’t the smartest race then why are they the most powerful ethnic group in the most powerful country?

Ethnic nepotism plays a big role.


I did meet a dumb Jewish person once. Rabbi Weisman said he used to brag on Jewish intelligence until he met XXXXX. He could single-handedly blow the curve for everyone.

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