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Video and summary: Propertarianism - Portrait of a Federal Infiltration Operation

(heads up @JATW)

Propertarianism is a fake school of thought put out by a shady and ridiculous figure named Curt Doolittle. The purpose of propertarianism was evidently to mislead dissidents and potential dissidents. Doolittle repeatedly advocated for acts of terrorism by right-wingers.

When Doolittle proved unable to sell his ideas, a curiously smooth operator calling himself John Mark appeared, with curiously viral YouTube videos, to try to renew interest in propertarianism.

The whole thing imploded when Doolittle and Mark held a public event. When black lives matter lunatics invaded the event, Doolittle literally--literally--pissed in his cargo shorts and began telling the blacks how much more virile they are than whites.

John Mark took pains to make sure that he was not photographed at the event (although one image was captured) and after the event deleted all of his social media. Operation complete, or operation aborted.

Here is the excellent Keith Woods breakdown of the entire shitshow:

Thaw 7 Aug 10
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Thaw, what is your opinion on the Alt Right, specifically Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch?

@Thaw That's what I thought. I was hoping you'd say something like - They took the movement turbocharged by Bob Whitaker's Mantra and drove it into the swamp where it could be annihilated by the Enemy. A hope too far.

The reality is that Spencer and Enoch have been enormously damaging to white Darwinian interests in a way that Doolittle has not been. One could hypothesize that Enoch and Spencer work for the Enemy, or are "Feds" to use your parlance, based solely on the damage they have done, but one could go even further.

Enoch is phenotypically Jewish, and was married to a literal B'nai B'rith officer. Where as my and perhaps your wife (assuming you are married) won't even let me wear shoes in the living room, Enoch's B'nai B'rith officer wife allowed her living room to be turned into the broadcast center for rhetoric so vile, that even someone very skeptical of the Jews such as myself understood it went too far. She even participated in the "Shoah" providing some anti-Christian poetry!

Spencer, the modern David Duke, took the term "alternative right" coined by the Jew Paul Gottfried, who was his handler, and conflated it with our movement in the eyes of the public. Marketing himself as a telegenic leader for the social media age, he is often seen out of his depth intellectually during interviews, and has numerous evidentiary recordings of bizarre dissociative rants, where he will one day rule over all and sundry. Poison. Death.

How does this connect back to your offering of Keith Woods attack on Doolittle and Mark? Simple. The Alt Right was notorious for attacking others in the broader movement, to include RamZPaul. It's hard to think of anyone they DIDN'T attack! That's not the behavior of a person who thinks they are being genocided. That's not the behavior of a person trying to win.

It would be the behavior of a "Fed" or an Enemy, as I like to term it.

As for Doolittle being a "Fed", I suppose it could be, but no evidence is forthcoming. It remains conjecture, a hypothesis, supposition. For instance, evidence could be a pay stub; a photo of him in any government capacity, even an office party. Until such evidence is forthcoming, he has to be considered by anyone fighting white genocide as an ally, no matter how imperfect.

In war, you attack your Enemy and you spare or even protect your friends. That's not what Keith Woods is doing. He took his gun sight off the Enemy and directed it toward Doolitle. Instead of offering ennobling advice, his critiques are destructive. I asked Keith when Ireland was going to be free - he had no answer. But somehow he has time to stop fighting the Enemy and fight near adjacent groups like the Propertarian Bros.

I'm going to close here - though I could relentlessly shred you for hours on end (if I had the time). I will leave you with this: the Alt Right still has a valuable role despite being right nowhere near 100% of the time. It is a place the winning movement can exile people who just can't or won't get it. It is an example of what NOT to do.

All the best


Wow! I've never actually seen a grown man get pee pee scared.

I laughed so hard I almost peed.

Tycho Level 7 Aug 10, 2020

I got a kick out of the whole thing. I would have eaten it whole in a bite back when I was a young libertarian. Having grown into my ignorance over the years, it was amusing to watch such hubris on display.

govols Level 8 Aug 10, 2020

Also, Curt Doolittle is still talking his nonsense on Twitter.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 10, 2020

The first mention I heard of that set up stunk to high heaven.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 10, 2020
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