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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested negative for COVID-19, just hours after testing positive

Courtesy of Zero Hedge.

How much of this self-inflicted Panic is false positives? Why are we testing asymptomatic people at all? Even if you believe the highly politicized numbers, nothing is happening that merits the shut down of the economy and education.

To get an accurate death count requires two criteria:

  1. A positive test


  1. A disease course consistent with a corona virus

something like: symptoms of an upper respiratory infection that lead to respiratory failure and then ARDS and then death.

You then subtract from this total the total times the false positive rate - provided you had decent studies that gave a ball park false positive rate.

You the add to that all of #2 who test negative multiplied by the false negative rate - provided you had decent studies that gave a ball park false negative rate.

None of this matters in a society where the AVERAGE person thinks that 9% of people died from this virus. (presumably some folks think it is much higher!)

The new country needs to be (and will be) a limited franchise republic.

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Think for yourself. I can find a "sample" that could prove anything I wanted. Think of the number of people you know. Think of the number of deaths from convid-1984. Eliminate those that you know that had other other reasons to die. My number is 0.0.


I haven't heard anyone say that the death rate is 9% or higher. It is in fact a lot lower, maybe 2-3%

There was a Poll Mid July of nations about this planet, the average American response was that 9% of the country died. It's 0.04%.


Here's some research data on overall deaths including deaths related other than actual covid 19. it's a little old some figures will be slightly higher.

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