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Now, I might be wrong, no lawyer here, but I thought it was Illegal to publish a mugshot of a minor. Any legal eagles here that can confirm/repudiate this? Or is this special treatment because he hacked Elite accounts?

MikeHunt 6 Aug 1
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This mugshot reminds me of Jason Brown's mugshot and this dude is the epitomy of evil because he killed dogs he bought off from Craigslist and celebrated each one he slaughtered.

Graham Clark not so much because he managed to scam a bunch of fucking morons out of their bitcoins by hacking Twitter and didn't kill anyone except their bitcoin wallets. I'll give him a job to hack whoever he wanted possibly China.

Wait he killed dogs? Well I guess I have to put on my crazy pants here, sit down with a fine Folgers Instant and WISH HIM INTO THE CORNFIELD DAMNATION THE RAGE MUST EXPLODE OH SHIT HE KILLED DOGS? HOO BOY YER NOT GONNA LIKE What's around the corner? Did I just have another episide? Am I still running for president?


Yes, he did. Here is the video on this bastard.

Horror Stories is one of the most underrated horror YT channels. This guy does his research same as Nexpo.


White, male, used Obama to commit a crime. Doesn't matter what the leaw says. GUILTY!!!!


Mugshots are public info. It would come down to the state's laws anyhow


this guy deserves a job.

Well, Google hired moot (the creator of 4chan) just to have him wither on the vine, and to keep him from further shenanigans


The prosecutors shouldn't be so hard on him. He was just manifesting the lyrics to that Muse song:

For one moment
I wish you'd all just tweet
With no bluechecks at all
Open minded
I'm sure we used to be
So free


I dunno. I could’ve sworn I’ve seen mugshots of 15/16 year old joggers in the past.

But were the joggers still alive or were they already in that big marathon in the sky?

@MikeHunt jogging down those liquor stores in the depths of hell XD

@Wafflestomper Oh dear Lord forgive Mister Waffle


Photos released has to be ok'd by a judge apparently.

Yeah but I think that only applies if the mugshotee is still alive

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