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Though nowhere in recorded time have 42 million people of African descent achieved the measures of freedom and prosperity they have in the USA, we are daily admonished that ours is a rotten and sick society whose every institution is shot through with “systemic racism.”


GilBatesLovesU 6 July 24
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Stop blaming white people - white gentiles to be exact


If racism is pandemic, as this sign holder, believes then there’s no better way to protect yourself than distancing and contact avoidance. Better yet different homelands.

That is exactly what I have been saying and thinking for decades. Example: Louis Farrakhan advocates/covets a black state carved out of America. I really have no problem with that. If Blacks really feel so alienated and disconnected from culture then broker a deal with BLM, NAACP and the House Black Congressional Caucus and give them exactly what they want. Their own free state (homeland). 40 acres and a mule (as they use to say). There would limitations of course. Reparations would be minimal since your are providing the entire infrastructure of a state (ex. Georgia). They would have to build a separate economy to support a population of 42M. They may have to develop their own currency, financial markets, hospitals, universities. The whole enchilada. In the end they would have to adopt some form of capitalism to sustain it. That is exactly what the CCP did. Look how far they have come 60 years. I say let's do it. It's better to do that than to hear their constant whining and bellyaching about "systemic racism".


So true! Blacks are much better off here, and I can't help but wonder if some are simply controlled by lust, greed, and covetousness, wanting more than what they've earned, and blaming others for problems they've created themselves. Not that they have a corner on that market, by the way....

Systemic racism is one of the worst lies propagated by the media and politicians. Don't get me wrong... We have many systems that enable racism. But racism isn't confined to one particular group of people. Far from it. Every creed, color, gender, and "tribe" (dear God I hate that word) has to deal with it because within those systems you have that one corrupt common denominator....human beings.


Blacks must know deep down that if they push this Shiite to its logical conclusion they’ll be starving in shanty towns, picking through trash heaps like their bruthas n sistas in Zimbabwe.

@JATW It was 20 years ago that Mugabe upped the ante against Whites in that country. The descent has been abysmal since then.


Anti-white racism is a pandemic for sure

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