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Californians are fleeing to Texas, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona to a great extent. Where do you think the refugees from NYC will go now that the city has gotten too crime ridden for respectable Caucasians to tolerate?

I've read that 100 people a day are moving out of NYC. I expect that number to significantly increase.

Triumph 6 July 19
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Hmmm....interesting. Those are all on the list for the highest amount of outbreaks of COVID-19.


Oklahoma is a great place to live if you can stand the heat during the Summer. Yeah it isn't the prettiest state by far but the people here are mostly conservative and treat each other with respect. Just stay out of OKC and you will be fine.


Always preferable to be going TO a place then fleeing one. Just to be a contrarian, I will also state why I am stay put, in the eye of this Storm, as I think of it. . Maybe I am the problem, but I find my enemies have made my life a good one, here in The WestCoast Progressive enlightened City, by the Bay. The people who agree with me, are forever in my face, and moralizing, and not giving me all the perks of their mighty benevolence, like my Progressive Neighbors. They love to give away their money, so my business flourished. They vote for every spending bill, which has given me Rent control, Free every damn thing, as I passed a certain age, and they are cowards, so if I say no, they cower. I know, I know the professional Grievance Political types are dangerous. But, I hardly ever see them. No my neighbors vote me paradise, and pay for it all! And, the big one, they are polite, and do not bother me, once they try to argue with me about politics. Paltry debaters these Liberal/Marist/Progressive sweet hearts. So, any bricks through my window, fellows of like mind?


LOL as a respectable Caucasion I would vacate NYC if I could but I hate the heat and burn like a shrimp on the barbie

I know it's very difficult to make a move. It's disruptive. But you might start thinking about things long term. The country is changing very fast these days and the large cities are going to experience the changes first and worst. Making life changes is always better when you can do it on your own terms.

It's a big country and there's still a large measure of freedom to be had in some locations.


I would say Florida unfortunately.

Yes. I've read that many New Yorkers are relocating to Florida. I would guess that much of the exodus from NYC to Florida is NYC Jews moving to the Jewish enclaves in the Miami area.


The once great State of Colorado is now the People's Republic of Colorado, the haven to Californians and New Yorkers alike, and civility is officially dead, traffic once civil and considerate is a free-for-all resembling taxi target practice against pedestrians in New York. The beauty of this place has been forever tainted and now unmercilously littered, as if it is a subway car turned into a mural, by those with no respect for public places that are to be not the expression of taste for the few.

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