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Starting on Friday, July 17 I will be on a one week social media fast. This means no videos, live streams, twitter, slug or checking the news until Saturday, July 25th. Happy Homelands for July 18th has been cancelled. But we will be back on July 25th.

My typical day on social media starts first thing in the morning when my phone alarm rings. While I am still in bed, I look at the news headlines and see what is happening on Twitter. Then I have breakfast which usually includes me reading various political sites discussing the outrage of the day.

Throughout the day I will check the news, tweet and post items on Slug. While doing these activities I gather ideas for either a video or a live stream. In the evening I will usually watch a Live Stream or read more political commentary. The day ends as I started it - checking my phone to see what is happening in the news. Then the cycle repeats the next day.

The news is a never ending stream of vile and bizarre garbage. People screaming that Whites need to die. Footage of savages tearing down statues and setting buildings on fire. The media cheering when a young boy dances in a dress and pretends to be a girl. Blonde overweight middle-age women yelling at people for not wearing a mask. Big Tech announcing the censoring of more opinions and the purging of people. Images of ugly graffiti and trash littering the street called ‘art’ and the ‘resistance.’

Eventually consuming all that hatred and ugliness is toxic to the soul. I find myself getting angrier with the people around me. I find myself losing my sense of joy and peace. Everything seems like a non-stop stream of death and destruction. The death and destruction of the country I knew and people I loved.

But making videos is what I do. At this point, this is my duty in life. So while my soul desires to run away and live in some remote village in Russia, I know that is not feasible or even desirable. As long as I have breath I need to do what I know to be right, no matter how discouraging it can become.

The question is - can I consume all this negative content and remain immune to its effects? Of course, I have always assumed that the answer is yes. Other people are easily influenced and programmed, but I have a stronger will than most. I can see this garbage non-stop and it will not change me! At least, that is what I told myself. But that was self-delusion. While I might be more resistant than most people, I am not immune.

So I am taking this one week off as something of an experiment. I will replace my on-line conversations, with real life conversations. Instead of reading commentary of the current outrage of the day, I will read a biography of Jefferson Davis. Instead of arguing with people on Twitter, I will be enjoying a walk in nature. Will this change of behavior help to restore me? We will see.

Recently, I have been considering the wild theory that something larger, and sinister, is occurring in the world. The mask insanity combined with the over the topic racial hatred pushed by the media, feels like we are in the midst of a sophisticated psyop. And if that is the case, I think it is important that we all take personal measures to counter that propaganda. And removing ourselves from all digital media from time to time could be a way to help break that conditioning (Hi Alex Jones!)

I will be back on-line on July 25th. And I will tell you the results of my digital fast.

ramzpaul 8 July 17
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It's good that you are taking a break from social media. More time on you on computer you go nuts. I see you on July 25th, and your new videos after that. I'll be watching.

Gmann57 Level 5 July 24, 2020

I can relate. I used to feel the same way after watching TV. There was so much negativity and violence on nearly every show, I realized that I always came away feeling depressed. That's why I decided to stop watching TV in the fall of 2012. I haven't watched TV in almost 8 years and I don't miss it one bit...
I hope you feel better after your digital fast.

YotterO Level 4 July 19, 2020

I deactivated my Facebook for a few weeks to get away from the realities of clown world and it felt great. Curious to see how your experiment goes. Whatever happens, I hope you still have some presence of YouTube or here because a lot of people here like you. I I know for me personally part of my day is to watch the latest Ramzpaul video. The random days during the week that you don’t have one can throw me off XD


May you have a very peaceful and pleasant respite from the ugliness in the media. Go for long walks, and take some beautiful pictures of the world around you (it really is quite beautiful). See you when you get back.


Good luck.

Tearaft Level 5 July 17, 2020

Take care of yourself! Your audience will be here when you return 🙂!


I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. The mask hysteria has now reached me here in one of the most conservative parts of the country. It is impossible to go about most normal activities without being forced to endure some stupid rule or humiliation. I have lots of good books and am surrounded by beautiful, sparsely populated mountains. They are a reminder that come what may, there are still ways to escape the least for now. Thank you for what you do. Your commentary has been a positive force in my life.


Will be interesting, sounds super simple but i bet any thing it's not at all

Good way to step back and see just how intertwined it all is when you have to actively think about it.


Breaks are always good. I leave it all alone occasionally by taking a chainsaw and a chipper to the back part of my little piece of property and clearing out some scrub brush. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to expand my living space by doing so.

Anyway, enjoy your break.

Triumph Level 6 July 17, 2020

If you are burning out, taking a break is required. But, we need you in the fight, so rest up and get back ASAP.

As far as "a wild theory that something larger, and sinister, is occurring in the world", yeah, most of us are considering that too. It's pretty clear that something is going on, even if it's the result of uncoordinated stupidity.

The questions for you to help us answer are what the to do about it. That is your path. Not being on social media all day. Ergo, if you step back to discussing tactics and strategy, you do not need to be on social media all day.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 17, 2020

Sums up pretty much how i feel.
Take care big fellow!


Good for you, I wholeheartedly agree!

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