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Well, this is quite expensive.

ramzpaul 8 July 14
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What about all the white people that were slaves? There were also white slaves, do they get reparations? Asking for all white slave descendants.


I am not paying a thing !!
All this nonsense is getting out of hand.
We all work try to get ahead and do our best !!!
That is all I have to gave !!!!

DRV55 Level 2 July 17, 2020

It was white individuals that owned slaves, not the government. So according to the reparations logic, white individuals should back their black fellow citizens directly. This would help even up white privilege AND back for the past in one swift action!

So here's my solution to reparations:

  1. Determine how black Americans are the descendants of slaves (I'm thinking not ALL of them, right? Or does that matter?). (see note below)
  2. Determine how many white people had descendants who owned slaves (again, not every white person owned a slave in their past, right?)
  3. Determine the amount each slave descendant should get from each slave owner descendant
  4. Assign each white slave owner descendant to a black slave descendant. (We can call this the buddy system.)
  5. The white person pays their black buddy reparations directly out of their own well lined pocket. (Each pair works out the details - lump sum, weekly installments, etc.)
    Problem solved!
    This is a win win for everyone! White guilt - assuaged! white privilege - gone! the black American is finally finally equal and truly free - achieved!
    And, economically this would be a win also - we would not need to print more money!

Some considerations that I'm sure as a group we can figure out:
At what age should the recipient of the reparation program be? Do infants count? When in history do the reparations end? For instance - should each new white baby be assigned a new black baby?
Should this be left up to the states or is this a federal matter?
What happens if a white person and a black person are married - and each are descendants? Can they each other?

  • If anyone knows these numbers please post*

Is this in ZIMs?

2 that code for people with an IQ below 80?


The predators becoming prey sweet!


Holy shit!! I'll go as high as 40 acres and a mule, but that's my bottom line!!


Reparations are a stick-up. I should get money from the Mongols because they slaughtered my 23rd great-grandmother? Shouldn't they be seeking reparations from the tribes in Africa that sold them to the slave traders? Shouldn't todays sexual slaves get reparations from their holders? Shouldn't victims of crimes get reparations from the person that harmed them?

Pand0ro Level 7 July 14, 2020
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