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Funny how reactions occur.

ramzpaul 8 July 11
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One thing both the virus and the riots have revealed is just how fragile the United States currently is. Had someone asked me back in January, I would have said that we might make it another years or so before facing a serious, devastating crisis that dealt a lethal blow to the United States. Now, I’m starting to think we’re seeing that crisis unfold in real time.


This anti-white purge has been brought to us by Cultural Marxism, the West's new state religion.


Ah, the old Domino theory. I lost an older cousin to that bullshit actually at Khe San (Que Born in the USA)


This is what happens when a society becomes a powder keg.

The racial powder keg has been building in the USA for more than 50 years.

Some people tried to warn everyone about what was happening but they were oppressed, marginalized and ignored.

Bullsh*t. You are repeating the narrative the Left wants. And getting everyone to talk about "blacks" and "whites" serves that purpose. They are trying to destabilize society and de-ligitimize our system by creating a story, including a bunch of scare tactics. And the dumber half of America is buying it. The virus, global warming, police brutality, racism... all propaganda by the general media.


Yep, but who set up the dominoes this way?

Choppy Level 5 July 11, 2020

Read "Alinsky's Rules For Radicals," and you'll figure it out.

@TimTuolomne a few other people have also recommended that book to me in order to help understand how the left has so undermined our society. I’ll check it out.

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