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In case anyone is interested. I think it's sad that my hometown is covered in red 😟

Sacha799 6 July 7
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What is going on at the Alabama/Georgia area that’s deep black? Oh maybe I just answered it in my question.


Hmmmm ... The PacNW no "blood splatters." Wonder why ...
And yeah I am trying to influence an idea ...

PS - The blotch in Minny tiny but still frustrating what the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" has done to itself. Swedes ... politeness to a fault. A real shame the naivety ...

JATW Level 6 July 7, 2020

The town I grew up in was founded by Swedes. It was really nice at one time. It was a big factory town. Most of the factories are gone. It's been on the decline for years. I grew up in Rockford, Illinois.

A hundred percent. The land of Lake Woebegone naively invited in tens of thousands of namely Somalis. My nephew lives in St. Paul. Over the past twenty years, the crime and unrest has steadily gone up as the native culture has frayed. Downtown Minneapolis is basically a no-go zone. They built a transit line from the Somali area, “Little Mogadishu” into the Mall of America. It’s not a safe friendly place anymore. Look who represents them in Congress.


Mine is as well. And it’s larger than New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, we haven’t been the same at all. Many moved the 2 hours away to my city.

Went down to the Gulf Shores Spring 2008, two+ years after Katrina - saw a news story many communities still rebuilding. Stunned how F'd up it was. 4 days helping out, some of the finest people I I've ever met - locals & other out of towners had read the same story.

Before heading back home, dipped my toe in the gulf, was amazed how warm - almost hot - the tide's waves. Gazing out at the water horizon & imagining that monster approaching ... man it DID send a shiver down my spine.

I've never been to New Orleans. I used to have a friend that was from there She said it was really violent. I believe they were the murder Capitol at one point.