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Deer are getting bold!

ramzpaul 7 July 6
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I agree we need to stop giving "deer" the chocolate chip cookie of praise and special treatment, and have to give them the bland oatmeal raisin cookie of law and order.

Well said!!


Great, now deer are looting.

Tearaft Level 4 July 6, 2020

They are wonderful.

Slugo Level 6 July 6, 2020

Why does this sound so familiar?

I'm going to "go there". This is because in the Gnostic world view the Cosmic Order is the creation of an Evil God. They wish for a Universe and God that does not exist; they hate the Universe and God that does exist.

They undermined and destroyed classic Rome, and now they do it to the Modern Rome.

@Afterthought I guess you're no longer talking about deer...

@FreedomRocker 🤣

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