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Do you think the gentleman n the left will get the same sentence as the gentleman on the right? 419 years. Me? I think not

MikeHunt 6 July 5
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Gentlemen on the left will be given probation and a check, because at the end of the day he was still attacked by white supremacy.

Damnation i forgot about reperations and my huwhite privelege fr a second


Of course not.

Pro- dissidents are the most hated, vilified and oppressed of people in western society. All the institutions are controlled by people who hate us and want to inflict as much suffering on us as possible.


Very suggestive question, knowing men in general will get higher sentences then women for the exact same crime. So is the so called justice system always giving justice? No... Is this only happening with blacks opposed to whites? Dont whites or w/e color or race/label not also get different sentences then others of that same label? Yes... Do some whites or w/e color or label get different sentences then others? Yes.. Is that fair to? No.. You suggest here that black people will always get an higher sentence then white people. Is that true? No..
And you just thinking that something might not be given the same sentence for the same crime, because you believe that to be true is not valid argument. Did they commit the same crime under the same circumstances? And did they get different sentences?

Tacocm Level 1 July 5, 2020

They made an example of Fields for panicking under Antifa bashing. 4 hundred years?
Are you f i ng kidding me?


I mean you can find loads of similar enough examples where such a driver got a manslaughter or less, but the sheer magnitude of 4 years should make anyone with a brain be skeptical that this black guy will get something even remotely close to Fields.

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