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Has any First Lady been more mistreated than Melania? In my opinion she is way hotter than Mrs Kennedy the hottest first lady up to her time. Yet Michael Obongo got all the magazine covers, fluff interviews, best press ever. I kinda feel bad for her (yeah i know she'll be fine)

MikeHunt 6 July 5
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If she gained lbs maybe the hippo feminists would fawn over her


I don't feel badly for the First Lady. She has class that won't quit, and that means she can easily handle the petty maliciousness. And one can always sense when a marriage is solid, where partners understand and support each other when it gets tough. The insecure and envious who also sense that are the ones throwing rocks the hardest.

My point was why is she not on the cover of vanity fair or cosmo or whatever female magazines, web sites or anything related to fashion. for god sake she was a super model

@MikeHunt. We KNOW why, don't we? And so does the First Lady. I bet she is glad to no be longer in that shark tank, and exposed to all of the leftist Hollywood depravity and self-absorbed immoral bullsh*t.

Michelle is part of that cesspool, and regarded as a local celebrity by them, even though she seems to have the fashion sense of a mollusk. Not being featured on the same covers as Michelle seems to me to be a good thing for the First Lady.

@TimTuolomne Obviously i'm not in her brain but i think there was a thought of
continue a life of luxury
tell my husband it's OK to save Western Civ
She chose well

@MikeHunt. I agree on that point.

@TimTuolomne Michelle is part of that cesspool, and regarded as a local celebrity by them, even though she seems to have the fashion sense of a mollusk

@MikeHunt, quoted my comment without comment?

@TimTuolomne sent you a dm

@MikeHunt Current Marxist trends say beautiful is ugly and ugly is beautiful. That's what we see all the magazines and consumer corporations pushing constantly.

@scotirishviet Ah yes, you're right i forgot about that

@MikeHunt. Didn’t get one.

@MikeHunt oh because those who own mainstream media hate Pres. Trump. Totally biased and one sided. She may also be helping crush their money tree.


Hot Damn


"Michael Obongo" 😂



Pand0ro Level 6 July 5, 2020

All Melania has to do to become instantly LOVED and fawned over by the fake & ghey media is ... it's so simple too ...
Change the last letter in her name from an a, to an n.
Melanin Trump: The first lady of color!

JATW Level 6 July 5, 2020

Actually spilled my drink of choice you bastard😂


In think that she had been smeared quite harshly by the press. Where are all the feminists, getting her back? Oh ya that’s man bad, muh resistance🤪. The First Lady certainly ticks some boxes for “intersectional oppression”‘ ie. immigrant, female, language, and on and on. We know how this one goes

Harp Level 4 July 5, 2020
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