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Well, regarding those assholes that got smashed on the highway, prepare for it to be memory holed

MikeHunt 6 July 5
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This whole story is questionable. I had to rewatch the video because I swear she ran out in front of the car, or she was thinking he was going to go around the van the other way. Did he do it on purpose? If not, and he didn't see the van parked there and swerved to miss it, why didn't he slam on his brakes prior to hitting them? He hit the breaks after he hit them. Who puts a van with no flashing lights in the middle of the highway??? People with no Police.


Mommy should have taught them to stay out of the road.

Well, she was at work and the nanny did not give a shit

@MikeHunt this child looked like a crack baby. Literally drug doomed. Momma was probably a crack head or dope addict.


“Let him go free, that’s what she would have wanted” is a comment. I guess if I hit her it would be a Go Directly to Jail card. Trump needs to move to protect our interstate highway and public roads! This is beyond ridiculous and obviously very dangerous for the rabble and drivers.

You and I would do 465 years just like James Fields


He should be freed, don't care if the highway supposedly blocked off it is ridiculous. At night on a curve, with vehicles blocking lanes for no reason, no flares, nothing. A highway should never have people miling around because there will be someone who gets on there and not know these people are there, until they get ran over. Sad people are dying because Seattle has no leadership.

emmdee2 Level 4 July 5, 2020

How much leadership does an adult need to not stand in the middle of an interstate highway at night?

Those people die because they're stupid. A letter from the Mayor telling them not to stand in the middle of the interstate highway isn't going to fix their stupidity.

@Triumph My understanding is that the shutdown of the interstate was official, sanctioned, and the police blocked off entrance ramps. So the government there appears to have said it is ok to stand around on a freeway, but it is Darwin award material for sure.


If you stand in the interstate at night you run a serious risk of being hit by a car. Being a non binary female doesn't exclude you from that Darwin stuff.

As for the race of the driver. I don't see how it has any relevance in this situation.

Triumph Level 6 July 5, 2020

I knew that would be the case. Knew it


The mental illness perpetrated upon these indoctrinated young white girls heartbreaking.

Frustrating & maddening as it is to see these freak show looking - green hair & cut as if a spastic barber scissoring away, mind warped image tattoos freakishly mutilating their beautiful skin - I must always remind myself, these were beautiful young white girls BEFORE the you know whos' control of the USA educational system injected their TRULY evil propaganda into their minds.

God what a nightmare USA2020 is ...

JATW Level 6 July 5, 2020

Oh don' do that paternalistic stuff. Women can be held accountable for their own beliefs and actions. Please don't treat them like poor, brainwashed little wahmen. They have the ability to think, research, and form their own views.

@Jyvur_Entropy Wrong it is not "Women can be held accountable for their own beliefs and actions" It is

"Everyone including Women Must and will be held accountable for their own beliefs and actions"


We will found out this guy had like 1/8 white and then this story will be back in the media’s attention. “Local hu-white man attacks trans activists”


Look at the tweets about her right now. She treated like a saint that sacrificed herself and no one even mentions who killed her.

There was someone saying her murder is the reason they need to keep protesting, as if she was killed by nazis or some shit.

Slugo Level 6 July 5, 2020

Forgotten in a week

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