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This is a good video about the banning on Youtube. If you haven't watched AIU. I would recommend him. He does great videos. He's been kicked off youtube in the past but comes back with new channels.

Sacha799 7 July 1
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Big fan of AiU. But we need to get back to reality. YouTube need more cat videos. Not honest opinions.


Thankfully I am sharing Ramz Paul's videos from Bitchute now since youtube is deleting certain people. I did this with Styxhexenhammer666's videos.

I've been on Bitchute a lot more lately since Youtube are banning all my favorite channels.


You guys need to get away from youtube ASAP.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 1, 2020

Youtube is the biggest platform. Once you lose that it's hard to get new people. Ramz has a Bitchute and his Patreon. I think he's looking into DLIVE. I told him he should make some videos that he can just put on Bitchute. Then he can talk more freely on there.

@Sacha799 But the bitchute doesnt get updated though, I don't think?

@Sacha799 Yeah, this is my biggest complaint about the big platforms. I respect their right to do as they wish with their service, but when it's BY FAR the biggest (i.e. virtually the only) game in town, it's bs when they remove channels for no other reason than they don't like the content.

@YZF2000 I subscribed to a bunch of people and it will show up if you look at your subscriptions.


Looks like he got kicked off again....

I just that . Soon I won't have any reason to visit youtube unless I need a sewing tutorial.

@Sacha799 LOL...that's like me and my DIY habit. Leaves me in a conundrum....I despise Google, but I rely on them for some things...YouTube has saved me thousands and turned me into a skilled handyman.


And just like that, the video is gone. I get a message saying the account has been terminated.

Fortunately, I was able to watch it before it got pulled. I wanted to go back and look at a couple of parts of it, and it was gone. I'm talking about in the last 15 minutes. Unbelievable.

He put it on Bitchute. I guess all his videos are going over there.

@Sacha799 Long live bitchute! I hope they don't get poisoned, too. They're hard to navigate, though. Maybe I'm just not used to the site yet.

Thanks for the tip.

@coalburned I've been going over there more lately. I guess because most of my people are over there now. I'm getting used to it. I guess it's just one guy that operates the whole thing. I don't think he will take people down because he is about free speech.

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