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The Nightmare Scenario

Trump loses in a landslide and the GOP loses the Senate. Starting in January the Democrats will control all branches of government. They will also have de facto control of Hollywood, the media, Big Tech and all major corporations.

Biden will be a figurehead. Biden obviously has the onset of dementia and it is not going to get better. What Biden believes is totally irrelevant. His entire agenda will be set by the Democratic insiders. And that agenda will be primarily opposed to anything White. A policy based on destruction and mindless vengeance.

Biden himself will probably step down due to health reasons within his first term. At that point we will have a black female President who will have an intense hatred of America and the people who founded this nation.

Look for an increase of ‘hate’ legislation. In practice, ‘hate’ will be defined as any opposition to the democratic controlled government. Biden has already mentioned closing the so-called ‘loophole’ of hate legislation. Biden’s closing of this ‘loophole’ is mandating anyone convicted of a hate misdemeanor will lose his 2nd Amendment rights. And what will constitute a ‘hate misdemeanor’ under Biden’s administration? Simply stating ‘fuck BLM’ could be construed as ‘racial intimidation’ subject to arrest.

We will also see the administration pushing Big Tech to increase censorship. Again, anything opposed to the establishment will be classified as ‘hate.’

We can also expect to see reparation to blacks for slavery. This despite the fact that no living black was a slave and no living White was a slave owner. Defining who is ‘black’ will increase racial tensions as other ethnic groups such as Mexicans, Jews, and Muslims will want their own reparations.

As the country is bankrupt, there is no money to pay reparations. So the government will do what they will always do in such situations - they will print money.

This will cause the collapse of the economy. Of course, the Democrats will not blame themselves. They will blame ‘White supremacy’ for ruining the economy.

Crime will be out of control as it will be almost impossible for the police to arrest black criminals. However, Whites who defend their families or themselves from black violence will be arrested on ‘hate’ charges.

Immigration will be wide open. Biden has already promised to provide free healthcare to everyone that enters America. This will attract most of the Third World to America. The hospital system will break down. And all medical care that is still functional will be prioritized for non-Whites.

Concerning foreign policy, expect to see Biden enter a war with Syria and Iran. Biden will continue to place Israel first.

Can this nightmare scenario be avoided? No, I don’t believe so, only delayed. If we get lucky, we can delay this scenario until 2024. But we need to come up with contingency plans. Time is running out.

ramzpaul 8 June 29
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This is exactly where it’s headed. A majority of traditional Ws are clearly intimidated sellouts who only feel comfortable by going along with the Covid line, wearing a mask and posting virtue signals. It’s come to that. The Left wanted to take out the Death Star (the Trump economy) and they got more than that. AgitProp SJW tyranny and street anarchy. Legacy Americans are trying to figure out what to do next.

It's difficult to figure out what to do next when we have no voice, no advocates, and no representation. The entire system is against us and GOP puppet politicians (who are supposed to defend us) do nothing. They capitulate to the Left again and again. It is a disturbing realization that nobody has our back and we are totally on our own. Nobody is coming to save us, not even Trump. Nobody can save us but us.


You forgot to mention they will push to disarm patriots and everyone on the Right.
I believe that will be at the very top of their list once they retake power in Novemeber. They want us unarmed and defensless so they can have their way with us. They're already seething about people defending themselves with guns against BLM and Antifa rioters. Democrats will do everything in their power to disarm us with mass gun confiscation.

YotterO Level 4 June 29, 2020

@ramz,This is a real BLACK PILL!

But we can't give up hope. Here is a four point message to give to those not yet on our side (and the reason it may work).

  1. White people are being made 2nd class citizens (racial solidarity & fear)
  2. You are not free to speak your mind (American ideals)
  3. Media, academia, corporations, entertainment, and the Democratic party are now anti-American. (nationalism)
  4. Elites want demographic change to create serfs. (fear of outsiders and hatred of unfair enrichment of the already rich)

Be prepared to back up each of these statements. We must try to win as many over as we can. We have the advantage of being right. We also have the advantage of not being insane zealots!

Choppy Level 5 June 29, 2020

I fully expect free and cheap money to flood us, a return to sports and movies and all opiates, both literal and figurative, available to secure our demise.

Brave New World 🌍


An economic collapse may be just what the doctor ordered but don’t count on it. Expect the fed and global elites to prop up the dollar and continue QE. They know an economic collapse would be their undoing. There’s nothing more dangerous in the world than a white man with nothing left to lose.


Is that a nightmare scenario? Full throttle leftism may wake people up. We can talk until we’re blue in the face, but there’s no stronger redpill than feeling there’s no future for you and your . It may not be the end of the world if we lose it all. It May actually be the beginning.

@JamesWallace That line at the end of the first Matrix Movie from Neo. "I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid... you're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin."


I’m all for a peaceful separation, but with communism is that even possible? I don’t think it’s possible, why would they want half of the pie, when they can take it all. They have behind them money, media, internet. There has to be a line drawn in the sand at some point! Fine if the separation fails ? Line ! Begging your attacker to stop hurting you doesn’t work.

The left will never agree to separate peaceably, they want control


Separation is inevitable at this point, so let's do all we can to make sure it happens as peacefully as possible. Such talk needs to enter the mainstream now more than ever.

gadsden Level 4 June 29, 2020

I'm learning Russian. Vietnam is also a good place to flee because it's affordable, and they have good food.

You should probably learn Chinese. Or Newspeak.

There really isn’t any realistic place to run to. This darkness has afflicted the wealthiest parts of the west. Soon, there will be very few genuinely free countries left in the world, and those that are will be pariah states subject to constant harassment and vilification. Better to try to defend what we have as long as we are able to do so. This is my home. I have nowhere else to go.

@Tycho Wtf is Newspeak? China is trash. I know some Chinese tbh. Vietnam >>> China.

@tenslein Newspeak is the highly edited and official language used in Oceania in Orwell's "1984." It was systematically being reduced down to the basic ideas - attempting to make even rebellious thoughts literally unthinkable.

Have you never read 1984? It's doubleplusgood! I think the Left consider it a handbook.

Yeah China is trash. Never the less, the Dems seem rather enamored.


What is always scary is when a mob mentality is answered. The elites we already know are hostile elites and deserve our hostility back. At least we can join the mob when they say Eat the rich of Beverly Hills I for sure support that. So far though every time a left wing mob destroys stuff corporations back down and give them something to appease.

@carriePcox What did you think of all of today's purges???

@Robert100 not surprised. It’s more shocking the acquiescence of the GOP as they desperately seek approval from who? Their corporate overlords? White flake women who aren’t going to vote for them anyway? Every time I see a pic of Trump at the WH, there sits Ivanka. Is she the real president? Is that what’s going on? I’m fired up today!


If Trump doesnt do more than make stupid tweets, or he does some things (like US Marshals and FBI investigations) but continues to be inept at simple communication, he is done for. It's almost like he wants to lose. Sometimes I think he will drop out. A 10 year old can make clearer points that Trump. To be clear, I will vote for him- what choice to I have?

YZF2000 Level 4 June 29, 2020

Scary scenario. But you forgot how easily rights will be limited, or utterly eliminated over growing pandemic fears. That might go one of two ways however - The Dems under Biden can "fix" the problem to look like heroes where Trump failed. Or they can keep it going, further destroying our rights.

I hate this feeling of pessimism. But even if Trump gets re-elected, the ultimate problem - the Left - will still be around to cause as many problems as possible to screw this country and it's people up!

Tycho Level 7 June 29, 2020

The pandemic will magically end if Kamala Biden wins. But then the freaks will be in charge, and man the real push will start. Good news is the do nothing Republicans can do what they do best... talk and take no action.

They sure are trying to corner us with this Pandemic. No doubt it has hit the frail elderly population but there’s no nuance, no rationality, no even looking to Scandinavia this time. It’s all sloganeering and as Steve Deace says “panic porn” headlines, bigger admin state, less civil society freedom. We’re being bullied on two main fronts as never before.


Unfortunately, I think your prediction is 100% accurate. I hope we get lucky just the same

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