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“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps, “Oh, look at that!” Then – whoosh, and I'm gone… and they'll never see anything like it ever again – ever.” - Jim Morrison

I thought of this quote when Lauren Southern announced her retirement a year ago. She had just finished her “Borderless” documentary and she was embroiled in controversy as her two homosexual producers had allegedly been involved with financial impropriety and working with the British Antifa group ‘Hope Not Hate.’

I first met Lauren in 2015 on a private Skype call. She watched my videos and wanted to talk to me. At first, I thought it was an interview, as she was a reporter for The Rebel Media. The Rebel Media was a Canadian based conservative web site run by Ezra Levant. Ezra’s strategy seemed to be to hire pretty young girls to promote what became to be known as the “Alternative Right” view, but with a pro Zionist twist. Lauren was one of those girls.

Within 10 minutes of my initial call with Lauren, I stopped and asked her, “Is this an interview?” She laughed and told me no, she just wanted to talk to me. From that point on we remained distant acquaintances, exchanging texts a few times a year. I have never met Lauren in person.

But she still trusted me enough to send me a long text in June 2019 explaining that her retirement had nothing to do with the controversy of her producers, but that she was getting married. She asked me to keep her marriage secret due to fears of her husband being doxxed. I respected her wishes and never made any public comments about her situation.

I was very happy for her. In the world of right-wing e-celebrity, few make it out without much personal damage. The fame can be intoxicating, but the stress of constant threats and controversy takes its toll. Many relationships end up broken and I have seen many turn to destructive behavior such as drinking and/or drugs.

The urge to throw your hands up and quit is overwhelming. I know a fantasy of mine has always been to retire to some secret remote place in Canada or Russia and never be heard from again. And I suspect that Lauren also had that urge. And her husband acted like a ‘knight in shining armor’ that took her away from the craziness.

Part of me wished that I would never hear from Lauren again. I was rooting for her to have made the escape and become a ‘normie’ and stay out of the spotlight. But the spotlight is an addictive drug. In her case, having millions of people tell you that you are amazing and the most beautiful woman who has ever lived has to be intoxicating for a young girl.

And Lauren is young. Very young. When I first spoke with her 5 years ago, she was only 20. But she came across as a woman in her 30s. Unlike many women her age, she had grown out of the silliness of a teenage girl. (Sadly, many women stay in that emotionally retarded state forever.)

Now Lauren is back. I wish her well, but the road will be rocky for a 25 year old girl who has unfairly been slurred as a ‘White Supremacist.’ I doubt that the Left will ever forgive her no matter how much she claims to have developed a ‘nuanced’ view. And many people of the Right are already claiming that she sold out and is nothing but a grifter.

My other fear is that creating documentaries as a young mother and wife will put strain on her personal life. Traveling around the world is fun, but it always strains relationships.

But Lauren’s personal life is none of my business. I am not her Dad (although I am old enough to be.) But I think it is an evolutionary trait that causes men to feel a concern for women, especially young women.

As to Lauren’s politics, I am not as concerned. I found her to be a genuine, but young woman. And it is always a mistake to take the political thoughts of ANY young woman too seriously. Women are naturally herd creatures, and it is very difficult for a woman to be outside of the norm. I am sure Lauren is smart enough to know that wearing a ‘It is Okay to be White’ T-shirt will get cheers from 4chan, it will cause her to lose access to any platform. Such actions will sabotage her dream of being a documentary filmmaker.

The good news is that Lauren has not pivoted to the ‘kill Whitey’ Left. But the new Lauren will no longer be the goddess of /pol. She will attempt to claim the ‘moderate and nuanced’ position, while constantly having to disavow her past which brought her fame.

I will miss the old Lauren that was the shooting star. But shooting stars disappear quickly never to return. I hope the new Lauren can find happiness in her new family and not flame out by doing things that are not as important.

ramzpaul 8 June 25
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destructive behavior such as drinking and/or drugs.

Discipline. It's a word Our Thing doesn't use enough.

But she came across as a woman in her 30s.

Yes, she was mature for her age. At the time I thought she was in her mid-twenties. Not just twenty. I'm old enough to be her father too! Yikes!

always a mistake to take the political thoughts of ANY young woman too seriously

I think it's a mistake to take the political thoughts of ANY young person too seriously. I don't think young men are necessarily any wiser despite not being as herdish as women. I shudder to imagine myself spouting in public what I believed at twenty. Who knows what Nick Fuentes (for instance) will be saying in ten years?

When I was a hardcore Objectivist straight out of high school, my roommate said something about how I might change my mind later. I guess I made a noncommittal noise at the time. Inside I couldn't believe him. I was so certain a woman who died in 1982 had all the answers.

I'm a lot less certain now. I've changed a lot since then. So I can believe that Southern's new centrist stance might be sincere. But I don't really know.

In any case, I've never been into her work, and I certainly won't look into whatever she does now, regardless of whatever her motivations might be.

AMRX Level 5 June 26, 2020

I never understood what all the fuss was about. She had one good documentary. From what I understand someone else wrote. She didn't write most of her material. She also had backing. It's not like she spent her own money to go to South Africa. She just seemed young and inexperienced. I always thought she was way overrated. I thought Faith Goldy was the smart one.

I didn't 'get' Southern either. I agreed with a lot of stuff she said, but I also agree with a lot of other people, and I'm not going to follow all of them. And I can't remember any point she made that hadn't already been made somewhere else.

I've heard people say the one great thing she did was Farmlands (this was before Borderless), but I've been redpilled on South Africa for many years (anyone else remember the blog South Africa Sucks?) and I didn't expect her to say anything new, so I didn't see it. Maybe I'm being unfair. Now you say "[s]he didn't write most of her material." I always assumed she did that much. That's disappointing. IMDb says she co-wrote Farmlands, but I don't know how much of the script is hers.


Part of the joy of watching you and Paul in videos is that it is just you two. There's no Fox executive, no Ezra Levant telling you what to do or what to say. I'm not interested in people who read scripts.

"young and inexperienced"

That is my problem with so many e-celebs, male or female. Doesn't mean they're 'wrong', but ... isn't it weird that Our Thing keeps idealizing 'trad' when no traditional society was led by 20-something charismatic performers?

I prefer patriarchal figures like Pat Buchanan and Jared Taylor.

So I don't follow Faith Goldy either. In fact her Happy Homelands appearance was the most I had ever seen of her. What do you think are her biggest contributions to the movement? I know even less about her career than Southern's. All that immediately comes to mind is her run for mayor. And how Jordan Peterson deplatformed her.

@AMRX Faith just seemed like she had more original ideas than Lauren. I tend to like people that don't just repeat the same Civ Nat talking points. I like Jared Taylor, and AIU. I think Fuentes is really good. Gavin has the same Civ Nat talking points too, but I always thought he was funny. I just think Lauren would have been better off staying retired. Now everyone on both sides are mad at her.


I'm probably a little late to this thread, but I wanted to get home and clarify something:

In war you attack your enemies and protect your friends.

This was the central failure of the Alt Right (Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch and Co)

They would constantly infight with adjacent and near adjacent personalities.

Even in this thread one of their orbiters tries to do the same with Southern, who has moved the ball further down the field than him.

Keep one's sights firmly on the Enemy. If the man in the foxhole next to you isn't the best shot, you don't wheel around and open fire on him. Thank God the Alt Right is dead.

Infighting is one of the worst aspects of this movement. It's particularly ridiculous when people who agree 9X% with each other turn on each other. I made it clear elsewhere in this discussion that I was never a fan of Southern's, but OTOH I don't see the point in going on and on about how 'bad' she is.

I believed in the slogan "Unite the Right" (anyone remember the Mamas and the Pepes song?), and it's a shame that Charlottesville has cast such a shadow on it. Pax Dickinson proposed a way to unite the Right, but ... obviously it didn't happen, and I have no idea where he is now.

The Dissident Right is scattered individuals fighting each other while a Borg cube looms over them. The enemy has numbers. We have the truth. That's necessary but not sufficient. I'm not optimistic.


It almost seems like a ceiling you can hit without having to sellout. Lauren got big views close to 1 million subscribers and millions of views of her documentary so they scared and it takes the Billionaires to take them down. Soros and his whore Jared Holt spend 24/7 saying who can we ban or deplatform today. It does take the other sides top financial guys to take down normal people fighting back. The only mainstream people who have still taken some hits are Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Tucker Carlson. That is far as you can be and in Carlson's case he has lost 70 advertisers for it, so the ceiling is there for now. Some day the media will realize its a game of whackamole and they can no longer control it, but for now they have not been met with enough resistance.


I enjoyed Lauren Southern's videos from South Africa. But I didn't follow her enough to know who she was affiliated with or anything about her background.

However, having Jews and homosexuals involved in one's actions is definitely not a way to build a foundation which is intended to appeal to the new right.

Triumph Level 6 June 25, 2020

I agree. There are roles that single people can take that will do them less damage. But once marriage and family come, life changes. You can't do the things you previously did, at least not in the way they were done before. The world is full of women trying to be men. What it needs is women to be mothers and wives.


Lauren Southern is a Jew that subverted a lot of young white people into supporting their own people only if it also meant supporting the terrorist state of Israel. She left the scene when things got hot for the very people that supported her and only now wishes to return. She is a Jewish snake in the grass.

Ponder this for a while: The majority of American Jews are leftists and atheists, yet 95% of all American Jews say they support the state of Israel- a declared ethnostate- and the leftist Jews in America also support the elimination of "whiteness" in the West while they fund BLM and Antifa. How can these people ever be trusted?

Everyone that is in the spotlight gets accused of being Jewish. (And if you are a man, you also get accused of being homosexual and/or a virgin.)

If Lauren is Jewish, she definitely would not hide it as it would be helpful to her aspiring film career. But, in any case, it is not relevant.

@ramzpaul I respectfully disagree, Paul. It really does matter at this point because of their proven nepotism, their roles in subversion of Western society, their roles in media and entertainment, their lobbying of gov't, etc. The 2% can be found everywhere and must be pointed out. Those who attack the elite 1% wealthiest people are attacking over 33% of American Jews for example. They are a group that gets a free pass on nepotism, yet their overrepresentation in the legal system results in the opposite for all other groups- especially Christian whites. I for one will not ignore it for the sake of playing by rules that they refuse to play by themselves.

What makes you think she's Jewish? Her name is Southern, not Goldbergsteinmannfeld. Besides, there's a lot of "goy" who stump for Israel too.


@HatedDixieFan ...And all Simonsens are Jewish?

@Tycho You obviously didn't see my response to Paul above. Check that screenshot as well

@Tycho And I apologize for using "obviously" since it makes it sound snarky. "please refer to my response to Paul above" is what i meant by that.

@HatedDixieFan No apology necessary. It didn't come off as snarky.

Okay, she has a Jewish background. Is she automatically evil or out to stomp on the goy?

I'm not a huge fan, but she seems okay to me.

@Tycho Well she is provably subversive. Here entire shtick a few years ago was defending white identity while also entangling it with support for the state of Israel and their actions. Then that whole mess blew up because it was learned that Israeli Mossad is the one pushing all the mass immigration nonsense... and low and behold she went AWOL for a while only to now return just before the election.

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