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They should just make it a rule that only Africans can win and be done with it.

ramzpaul 8 June 13
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They are allowed to have TV networks that are just for them. Now they want to overrepresent in movies. This is why Hollywood is failing. They don't make quality movies anymore because they are too busy spreading propaganda.

I think a lot of this is just posturing. Say what you will, but Hollywood is quite good at counting $. Wait until they have a black female 007. It will tank, and there will be all kinds of whining about racism and sexism, but they won't make 2 Bond movies with a black female lead. They will end the franchise (doubtful) or find a dark haired Scot and celebrate it as "getting back to the original" Ian Fleming Bond. Get woke, go broke. Twitter ain't the real world.

@stone So many of these movies have already tanked. The diverse Charlie's Angels, the black, Wrinkle in Time, and the all girl Ghostbusters. It's like they don't even care about money anymore. Just propaganda.


In 5 years maybe blackface will make a come back, then I’ll have a shot at one ! Who knows what the future holds, seems dark though!


It’s amazing to me that black leaders fought so long for freedom, equality and justice, to only have all of it lost in a flash. How is racial separation of anything forward progress? It’s bringing us right back into the pre civil rights era. Can we call it ‘woke segregation’?


I remember they yelled about the lack of diversity in Dunkirk (though you did have some French Africans as a cameo), but not enough wimminz? Ok I'm done


The affirmative action Oscars. I wouldn't want to win this way or even be nominated if I was in movies.

If you watch TV or the movies you would think America is 80% black and the other 20% are homosexuals.

@ramzpaul and @sacha799 Ironically I heard a left leaning person now converted by this madness that has happened that this does keep Blacks in the victim position. They can never build this themselves they always have to demand Whites hand it over to them. Their demands never stop yet Jewish/White liberals keep on caving in as if that will stop it.

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