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Are White Americans afraid of Blacks? Afraid of their mobs and violence? the media's pass for them? When asking why these major corporations are so bend over backwards to appease this BLM movement I heard this fear is why. Is this true? @Ramzpaul? @Carriecox? Others? The video I linked here at 28 minutes 45 seconds on is when it is discussed.

Robert100 7 June 11
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People ought to be concerned about criminals, such as those who use the divide and conquer tactic. Ignorance is not bliss when the criminals start ripping your life from you.


I watched this last night. I do think whites are scared of blacks. They see the crime they commit. They won't talk about it tho because they are afraid of being called racist.

This must be the response Sacha.

Angel Rambert, 26, bought her first gun on Monday after weekend protests tore through Atlanta, demolishing storefronts and stirring civil unrest.

An AT&T store across from her apartment in Buckhead, Georgia, was ransacked, Rambert said. And owning a gun would give her a greater sense of safety.

"During the times we're living in, you just never know what might happen," Rambert said.

She was met with long lines at two nearby gun shops when she went to purchase a pistol. "At first, I was surprised at the number of people, but I was happy to see so many of us exercising our amendments," Rambert said.

She is part of a wave of Americans shopping for firearms as protests erupt across the country triggered by the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, who was unarmed when a white police officer pinned him to the ground with a knee to his neck.


What do you think @Sacha799???

I don't blame people for stocking up. These are scary times.

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