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Ive been biting time preciously until the day i tell you about that girl Eugenia Cooney. You know what I'm going to tell you Jaclyn. So fine.

Alright i can defend Eugenia Cooney.

I love that girl. But i can tell you something that you're unaware of just wrap your tits up and listen up, i am on Eugenia Cooney's side.

You're a girl and so your physiology is different than mine, that's exactly why that you need to listen to me. Im 26 and i weigh 1 lbs, but normal standards you'd classify me as unhealthy because of my BMI, however you don't understand, what's more likely, that im a boy this old with arms stronger and bigger than even well trained athletes but only weighs 1 lbs, this even my lightest ive been, or, that the majority of humans that participated in creating the BMI index were all more unhealthy and fatter than me because of the literal obesity epidemic in our country, my bet would be the first option, and if im a boy trying to match society'level of standards on health and, i can't do it, then I know that her that little girl is just doing herself just fine with or without anyone's help.

I am certainly not that unhealthy, it doesn't matter what level of standards that yoube tested me at, i actually am the most strongest biggest male of my size on this planet, to say that this right now isn't on a whole other different level than normal humans, would be an abomination, just the fact that I've been left handed and been blessed with a body as closely natural as this prove it even to say the least, but I've been traing more than anyone else too, i don't do it just to get bigger or meet the expectations of health, i do it because i want to be the one that's stronger and better at it than anyone else, to my knowledge right now I think I've done that, also i don't need to get any sort of kind of motivation, some people need to feel good just to be motivated, i will promtly at a whim start working out even just at the fact if i were to feel bad, that's just if i feel bad, i started training at the age of seven every day, the time I was in middle school to the end of school, i was working out half way through the start of school after doing two years prior in athletics and I was already the one stronger than the tenth graders that had another year and a half over me, my incline which is bench at an angle was it went from just the 45 lbs bar straight up to 5 lbs the end of the semester, i had two classes of p.e. in school and i would do all of my excercises before going to the weight room to work out more before spending the rest of the time trying not to pass out from laying on the floor after or thinking about how im going to make it to class because i couldn't move my legs walking up the stairs, think about it, have you ever seen a 1 lbs boy squeeze his arms from straight out to their side closing them lifting 265 lbs on the peck machine, i could just pick up a 65 lbs dumbbell like it was nothing and start curling it, you would tell me that the rest of you, were capable of getting at my level if you just tried to get more healthy but I'm the unhealthy one, after I got out of school, then i would do Insanity for an hour, or run, swing a 5lbs pile around for hours,or ride my bike two miles three times a week to my girlfriend's house and back and have for 5 hours before going to it all again the next day, or just working out for straight 8 hours straight, i would eat like a man starving just because, i tried gaining weight, since weightlifting didn't work i just ate all the worst foods, i didn't need to force eat, i could eat peanut butter out the jar, a whole 10 lbs of ham, drinking oil and butter, i had two scoops of protein every morning before school, i went through like 50 tubs of protein, eating snacks just to gain weight, how much do you weigh Jaclyn, even now I eat nonstop, i don't even feel hungry, I'll eat four packs noodles, three bags of chips, two tv dinners, steak and a whole pack of beacon, i lost track, nothing i do makes me gain weight i mean surely a boy that only weighs 1 can add a few pounds at the least at the very least right, you'd be surprised, i spent over a thousand on supplements before that was the last and only thing I could do, it kind of barely helped and when I say helped i mean this, you think ive been this way at the weight of only 1 lbs, hahahahaa, before I started taking the supplements for a year, prohormones and anything you could imagine you can just go , i weighed 104, I did gain some weight to 1, but then after burning off whatever ounce of fat I had on my bod, I weighed this merely 1 while still working out.

I still have more supplements because I wasn't really working out while taking those things, it's not just how much the that I can eat that is impressive and not gaining weight, it's how much muscle that i build even from taking the minimal of supplements, that what I said was how much muscle that I gained barely working out and taking just those supplements, you can gain about 7 lbs of muscle on steroids while not even working out and that's in the first month that's more than naturally in a year of worth working out, i was taking everything for I'd say it's been about three years and that's just what happened, I'd say it would be even harder for me to gain weight fat moreso than muscle for that reason, why, but because of this I'm telling you right now, because that I gained that more in the time of taking those in all that time than the whole entire time that I've ever been serious about truly really training hard and I trained harder than anyone, if you try telling me to gain weight just eating more, bullshit Jaclyn.

That's what I have to say to you. Now, if you're talking about this girl Eugenia Cooney, she's a girl for the matter of fact, she might not be the pinnacle of the picture of health among all of the other girls out there, but if you think that a normal boy let alone a girl could get or even at all approach my level of health just eating, then you're sadly very mistaken Jaclyn, this girl doesn't even have a chance to do what you keep asking her to do.

You might not want to hear this either too, the way this too either, on another note, you're actually a bully compared to Eugenia Cooney, look at you Jaclyn you've never just let anything go once you not even just belied you were right but something or someone were ever wrong before, you know that's true, it's hard to believe that someone that will never let anything go in their life if they do believe that something is wrong, will ever be right about not being a real bully compared to a person that one can't help it and two she's not unhealthy you're just a real bully, do you understand that, like, do you understand that Jaclyn, Jaclyn Glenn, you're a real bully, that's the very definition of being a bully, miss Jaclyn, you cannot be so concerned about this another person claiming to only be the one that's ever right about that person and still be the person that the one that's telling that person is wrong your only line of reasoning being because you think that person is wrong, you're a bully.

If it was this came up in court, it's you not being a bully vs that girl little Eugenia Cooney right now? You, you would accuse her of being unhealthy and that you're not being a bully, the judge would look at Eugenia Cooney and back to you and then ask, do you believe that you're not a bully because she is such an unhealthy person, an unhealthy person you'd say, and the second you said you believe so, boom, smacks the gavel down, guilty, bully, you're a bully Jaclyn Glenn, you might be right, but that don't mean at your very core, the being of the integrity of your very soul right now that, you're not the bully now, you're the bully Jaclyn Glenn. Do not try to rationalize what you thought, there is no if you were right that yeah this girl needs help that you are not the bully, that is exactly what happened, only a person was like that or could do such a thing and still rationalize, try, trying to, and still call themselves not a bully, could even ever say what you've done said about that girl, in a sort of certain way you're, it's you, you're the one that's worse than what's his face onifucksions, yeah, are you kidding me, at least Onision, he tried making it fun because his message was clear it was this is how fucked up it is to do this and be the one for real right now trying to rationalize what's you're doing is as right as you think Jaclyn, you say that, but that is because you are you, you're not like other people, you can be a bitch, you can be right or wrong, but you're going to be a bully and not know what is even wrong with it, because you're a bully Jaclyn Glenn.

The same reason why that you're just not getting it right now Jaclyn Glenn, is the same reason that you're wrong about this girl right now too now. Because it's not fair, I'm sure that she's aware of her condition and how it's not like she is really that concerned with being right or wrong in trying or not to be healthy but i just don't think that she wants to put up with this anymore, and it's not because of the people that think she's unhealthy it's because of people like you because what part of it do you not understand you're not fair to that girl at all.

I will get technical, im the only one and best one to try defending that girl, not because I hate you and i like proving people wrong but i like pissing you off more than anything Jaclyn Glenn.

People do not know what being healthy means at all. Take this for example, that there is no way that anyone knows the right amounts of nutrients to be healthy, just think about it, if you're taking supplements because you are not healthy and trying to get healthy, don't you think that the amounts of what you are trying to take are going to be not the right amount if you were actually really healthy, don't tell me something like it's just been scientifically proven, you mean like how experts tell you about how to boost immunity, or how they tell you how to treat diabetes and blood pressure is watching what you eat, it's not treating anything at all, that's just prolonging your inevitable death, like you can't just put things into your body and expect to get healthier because that's not how that works, they even tell you like take all this at this time and with these other things, listen if you're not trying to run to work at winning a competition then don't even try to do that because it doesn't matter, people still tell you to do that, but, it doesn't matter or help even if you try, you still get the added benefit from taking those things no matter when or how you take them but most of all it's not even like that and because this is why, because everyone knows already it doesn't even matter since we know if you're going to take these things thinking that it's really going to make you healthy then and you're just going to take them anyway, but the bottom line is you're not getting healthier just putting anything in your body. You're telling me that these experts would know this like me and telling you not to do these things, right, no? And that's why anyone like you that even tries to tell me these things, then I'm going to be the one to tell you that you're wrong. Mhahahaa, hahahaaa, hahaahahaaa. I'm sorry, that was involuntary laughter.

Here's why you're wrong about Eugenia Cooney, girls make mainly estrogen, estrogen is made ovaries and fat, Eugenia Cooney has very little of fat, it's in the fat that aromatase happens to create estrogen and it's this estrogen that is actually the main bodybuilders hormone it's not testosterone, while testosterone is what promotes protein synthesis without estrogen there is no thermogenic effect to create muscle, that's why all these bodybuilders can't get over their plateaus, the of work needed exceeds the thermo effect that any of estrogen could ever have on their bodies, this is why once they stop working out they lose it all like that, because the level of testosterone that they had that they were using was only being used to sustain such gains not to keep on growing without estrogen, so you need estrogen in order to build muscle, not just to sustain the weight gained working out, in terms of being a girl, i believe that Eugenia Cooney is just like me and a girl instead, my body naturally has even more testosterone than other boys but because of that i also have more estrogen too, since she's a girl then she actually has more estrogen than other girls but that's the thing because of that since that is she has less testosterone than normal girls, even though actually skinnier girls actually have more testosterone than fatter girls but still, here why, because she has such a smaller body than other girls, she has the, or i should say, just the right of estrogen to have a muscle building effect, if she didn't, then she would have already been dead, and she has only her usable testosterone being usable to be used to keep what muscle that she does have, that should be the actually right way to at least be a girl and be healthy still, you don't want to be a girl and have more testosterone than other girls and you don't want more estrogen than other girls than what's normal, she's just at the right , she's probably even more healthy than the majority of people that could be reading this already right now, you couldn't be like her, not even if you tried, she needs to be that skinny because it's giving her the energy to keep growing dosing her with dopamine and adrenaline, which guess what, turns into testosterone, if you try taking that from her, then you're going to be one that kills her, because you're going to be the one that kills her, don't tell me it's as simple as she needs to be healthy, don't tell me that all she has to do is just eat more, the only one that is in danger of dying here is he, it's and because of you people trying to tell her to do things and acting like you're actually right about it, like you actually believe that what you're saying is what makes you right in your minds, if she gains more muscle then she's going to lose more estrogen aromatase and then she's going to just whither away because that's literally the only thing keeping her alive right now and certainly not any of y'all people, when will you ever learn that just because you think that you're right because you just think you are right, that it doesn't, still, doesn't make you right no matter what you happen to believe, as sooner that you can understand this, the sooner that we can all get this girl some real help, she has more estrogen than other girls because, the more testosterone in her body the more it turns into estrogen negative feedback loop, this is not just what makes more estrogen storing fat, it tells the body that it needs to store fat to burn later for fuel, you can't just start exercising or eating more and just gain weight, you might not think so but that's not right, if she gains too much muscle, then she'll lose estrogen from fat, then she'll fat not just adding muscle but the fact of losing estrogen, and she can't gain muscle either if she loses the ability to store fat and having estrogen, you have three sources of energy in your body, fat, carbs and protein, it's fat that is the first thing to be used for fuel, then carbs and then protein, if you add more mass or muscle then more fuel is being burned for energy, so, fat is literally the first thing that is going to be burned off, don't even worry about that, that she'll be losing muscle from muscle breakdown, literally the only thing keeping her alive is that fact that she has more estrogen than any of you other girls right now, if i had a body like that, i would love it because i could build muscle so much more easily but she won't gain too much strength in the other hand though, what she needs is not simply something as simple as gaining weight, she needs to get stronger, there is only one other person's body in this world like hers body that is both better than mine and hers at that and it's Salena Gomez, so unless she's me or me as Selena Gomez, then she can't do what you're asking of her to do, she doesn't have the body designed for that at this current time, you don't build muscle because you're strong and have big muscles, you build muscle because you're weak, so if you have big muscles already, it's not because you're strong, that's because you were weak that whatever work that you had to do to get that big tore your muscles and your body said now it has to grow in order to overcome that weakness, so imagine Eugenia Cooney, she doesn't look all that strong lets say in comparison to me or a girl like Selena Gomez, but she doesn't need to be and yet she still has the strength to keep going even at her level of health, if you don't think, well if you don't think damn that girl must give a freaking arm and leg to have a body like that, well then, let me be the first one to tell you then that you're wrong, see how that works, it doesn't matter for me Selena Gomez both being a boy and girl, because i am lefthanded, i do have the ability to build muscle fast also, and because I'm absolutely insane, but her, this girl, come on, give a girl a break, im the Devil in the flesh but still, man, for fuck sake, man, man, if that was all it took to be healthy, then id be probably the most healthiest person on earth right now, Selena Gomez is a Mexican that has lupas and already had a kidney transplant, she's not healthy, Eugenia Cooney is just something else, she's super strong for her size, believe it or not, I'm actually second to her in terms of being a strong girl, I refuse to believe, that anything, anything that takes that much effort to pull off could ever be such a bad thing in this world, you could not have picked a more worse girl, girl, in this world to have said the things about that you've said to say about that girl Eugenia Cooney Jaclyn Glenn, she just doesn't have a body that uses up too much of fuel, even though that fat is burned first and protein breakdown could happen, she still has pwer enough to keep going, and she's not losing that muscle which would automatically tell her body that she needs to start storing more estrogen anyways which would happen storing fat, so even if she wasn't getting enough fat, you know what, catbs turn into fat too and yet she's still not gaining weight because of it either.

You don't know what you're talking about Jaclyn Glenn. I've heard science saying all sorts of things, and I've come to learn that most of that actually all of it was wrong, but that doesn't mean that there can't be a rational explanation anyways, like how it is with me, i have a super fast heartbeat and logically given any rational thought no one should ever be could ever be this athletic so big muscularly and skinny and still have a heartbeat like such as mine, i was once taken out of school, then taken to the emergency room, the cardiologist couldn't tell me anything was wrong, i then went to a critical unit ward for more tests, and they couldn't still tell me that I anything wrong with me, my heartbeat then was at rest while 20 minutes not moving on an IV 0 bpm, when the cardiologist asked sit up, it went to 0, when he asked stand up it went to 0 and the light and buzzer pn the machine started going off, that's just that day, i have it recorded that my highest possible heartbeat that I've ever had, was over 280 bpm, don't blink, that's about 5 and half beats second, when that happened i just layed down fell asleep. I know that there are things that science can't explain, because all they could tell me was, you just have a heart that's built like a racecar.

Everything about me is an anomaly. Not trying to call myself healthy or anything, but when you really think about it there were 107 billion people that have ever been alive on earth, given the probability of the chances, what are the chances that someone might be born that might be born as something unidentifiable common science? And if so, then if so, then who is to say what is or is not normal, because it's not you Jaclyn Glenn, it's me.

You're wondering why Eugenia Cooney has more estrogen? It's because of her small size, it allows hormones to circulate better.

I just have this to say about Eugenia Cooney. She's to normal people, considering that normal is actually a thing, a little more closer to the side of it being Death's side, and that is why that mostly for most people they can't even comprehend let alone understand what they believe to be right is really what they think believing to be right, to be right, in the eyes of when they are staring that monster death in the eyes, but do you think then that, that a being like Deth himself were to think of himself to really be unlike humans just because most of them are or thought so thinking so, all just because most people would think so, no, if course not, it doesn't mean that just because you or her is are that different than most others, that you are still not the same as just as everyone else, no matter who ever is who's to thought so. If you do, do believe that you believe that she is something different than what's normal and that, that is it means that it is, a bad, a bad thing, then then I can tell for one thing that you are wrong and would be wrong though, because that's not right no matter what you say or how you look at it. She is the product of the people of the world that just couldn't make up their minds even when the answer is right there in front of them, it doesn't mean that you should be the one that tells her she is actually anything different that or wrong for being what she has no power over being, if you think that is right, well, you're a bully like i said Jaclyn Glenn, it doesn't take very much effort just to see what is really right no matter who thinks so, if this girl really is someone different and that's supposed to be a bad thing, then why should she too be also the one that is blamed for it from you because those other people and their inability to rationalize like you keep trying to do over what's done in the end with this girl?

Caseyxsharp2 6 Jan 14
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