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Hey. I just wanted to let you know some interesting thoughts that I've had about you. Not exactly thoughts that I've had about you, I profile people based on what I know, I'm going to tell you what that is and what I think it means. You might find thinking it's interesting, I don't know. Of course, there are many reasons for being or becoming atheist, if there had to be a reason at all, you're atheist, If you ever felt bad for not believing in God anymore, probably not, I probably shouldn't for one assume that, just if you ever felt cheated for believing in God before once upon a time, I can tell you where you went wrong, if it helps, I actually do know something about this. You'll see what I meant by, not exactly thoughts about you, just hold on. This is me ranting about you, I am a believer in God, kind of, so it just agitates me to know how you were to let something like this take you back, I could complain about you being atheist all day, maybe I would, but honestly I just like pissing you off and it's fun conflict, I mean you're the atheist I would complain my ass off to you and it's going to be fun, just wait.

Life lesson to be learned here, if you're having doubts about God and want to help heal the health of humanity which there is no helping and you don't know even where to begin, don't mix, health care with Christianity. You didn't see this coming, you really didn't see this coming, Jaclyn Glenn? I hope so that you did. I'm not that from your experience with religion, being catholic, when your wrist was slapped by a ruler every time you spoke the rosary wrong by a nun, no, my mom was a nurse, that's how I know. She didn't have this, forceful willingness to be a believer of God, which I'm sincerely sorry for honestly, guaranteed, I bet you all the in the world, that when people hear your name and that you used to believe in God, their first question isn't, well why'd she stop believing in God, it's what religion was she a believer in that made her stop believing, and then another person says, uhh, Catholic, they say, oh yeah that explains a lot. Not even, that I'm agreeing with you about the being atheist part, I know, I just know, possibly you been Catholic, might have had a little bit to do with it, you were in one of those religions, the ones that want you to just be a believer for God unlike a religion that really only wants you to be a believer of God. Dude, have you ever been to other churches, Jaclyn Glenn, have you, I have, many kinds, the usual kinds, but some religion's churches, it wasn't ever like, it made me think how can I strengthen my relationship with God, it was, there is absolutely no reason to this shit, no point whatsoever, that religion what the is up with that religion? I feel for you Jaclyn Glenn. I seen my fair share of other churches, so yeah I get it Jaclyn Glenn, I might just sometimes have a few little doubts here and there, but I'm not about to just start running through Walmart waving my arms up screaming while talking in tongues and crying at the same time, Jesus Christ. Like Protestant, oh my God no, have you never, you never been to one of these, I mean if you haven't before you became atheist, then I'd dare simply say, that I would feel bad for you for being Catholic then going to one of these churches and then becoming atheist, just imagine that I'm saying to you and I'm even a Christian too. What I can't figure out or never have was, why does it mean that you have to if being Protestant that you must not cut your hair and only wear skirts, or God hates you, that's not even a moral injustice, that's just wrong. Believe me, I know, not all people believing in God are like that, I'm sorry if it seemed did to you Jaclyn Glenn. I had an ex girlfriend that was Protestant, I mean, you think now being hanging onto the ledge between believing in God and not believing in God when seeing these people is stressful enough for you, try imagining that the person right there next to you and their whole entire family is, like that, and you're wondering to yourself already, well did I make the wrong choice in deciding to date this girl over the other one and that you're thinking was it wrong for me to think this this now after seeing this too? I know, Jaclyn Glenn, no reason... But then, there was my mom. That was a woman, she took care of people all that she could for as long as she could, while raising me, she didn't feel she was doing it for the praise of a deity, or that what she was doing was for the best and what's the greater good for people, or at all even that it was really, she did it, because no one else was and it had to be done. She was kind of just like you, except for dropping her faith and becoming atheist, she just kept on going without feeling any obligation to anyone, I think that's perfect and right. I really thought that my mom was the worst person in the world, I still do, even worse than you Jaclyn Glenn, she's worse than girls, she's the worst girl of girls, but then again, leave it to your mom, just so happens the mom of a boy too, to show a boy a son just how much worse that other girls are considering that your mom is the worst girl ever, in the world, thank you mom, I'm sorry Jaclyn Glenn to you. Don't worry about it, it's not so bad Jaclyn Glenn.

Really. You really want to know why, that I'm sorry, and that I say that it's not so bad too, because Jaclyn Glenn, you know where it really got my mom, my mom is dead, that's where. See, it's not so bad, Jaclyn Glenn. What I'm saying is, no matter which option just might have been open for you at the time, it's not so bad, no matter which ever that you chose choosing to decide to do, she kept going without any reason or relying on faith just to simply believe, she wound up dead, you just gave up and turned into an atheist. It doesn't sound that bad to me. But how that happened to you, it's unacceptable to me, like how could you not have known, the point of believing in something, is to be believing in something, I mean God damn it, that's the reason to believe in something in the first place isn't it, you want a better reason, hold on, you do you want to have it need so there be a better reason right? All the way up to this point until now Jaclyn Glenn, you've been wanting to have a real reason to believe, and not lets not just simply try calling that a reason for a there to be a or any God to exist, what made you become an atheist in the past before, was that you didn't have you thought a very good enough reason to you to believe in even such a thing to be true after all, that I understand, believe me no matter if what I'm saying is rude right now anyway to you, that was just how you were raised to believe in the first place Jaclyn Glenn, you were always raised Catholic, no matter what religion, what there might have been, there was aways going to be just someone trying to tell you that you just believing was enough and that enough was all that you needed, this same thing that happened to you having already been raised to believe that, could have happened to anyone, I mean of any religion too, it just so happened that it was you a catholic Christian girl, it not so hard just so to simply understand that it was a pretty easy decision considering that you were that and you were already looking another better reason to be what you were, that's why that I don't accept this, if this happened to another person just like this in another religion, they wouldn't have lost faith just like that and simply became an atheist, but you did, I can't blame you for that, I won't blame you for that, I won't, because like I'm saying I know, that could have happened to anyone, it's not something that I accept however, I'll tell you why, for one, I don't agree with being atheist no matter how God hating that I really am, two, you're just like me now Jaclyn Glenn and it's like you don't even know it, like really knowing it, how could I ever blame you for something like that, this, you were looking for a better reason, because you were made to believe that you needed a better reason, you couldn't get that from anywhere, so that's why you chose to become an atheist instead, the only problem with that was, that you were Catholic and assumed that all other people in religions and religions themselves were the same way as you, so instead of having conflicting ideals creating an ongoing internal conflict inside of you like other people presumably usually normally would have had, that's exactly why that you didn't see anything wrong with it, was because you were told to get a better reason, it wasn't that you thought that you couldn't get one, it was you thought because you thought there wasn't one, and that's why you became atheist and never looked back, it doesn't seem that hard to understand knowing that you were once Catholic, it's like watching a girl crying in the hall to the bathrooms because her dog died five years ago, long enough Jaclyn Glen, long enough, if you on a fucking airplane about to take off to Heaven right now, I imagine the flight attendants they would be asking themselves at this point should they bring the dancing monkey back on because this girl looks like she's about to loose her shit, that's not even funny, if it was only that the religion of being Catholic was the problem, then I would say so, trust me I would, I would because that's like how it is in other religions making you believe that you need that, so it's not unreasonable, no, but any actual believer of God would instantly know from that, that if you were a real believer of God and you did just think about putting all your faith into your religion, even if it's Catholic, especially if it's catholic, God damn, then you'd know that, for you to actually be a part and be that, that you needed to have there be a better reason, just like you thought you needed you to have a better reason not to be Christian anymore an atheist, but you just did it anyway, and then, you blamed religion, probably, just saying, like a used to be Catholic Christan that just turned into a real atheist, see, see, it's not that unreasonable, hard to understand, it's just totally unacceptable, if you didn't know why, well, now you know. I don't, blame you for anything, nothing that I consider that you've done bad that I thought was bad. You did exactly what anyone else would, it would be, wrong for me, to blame you, for that, do you see what I'm getting at here, Jaclyn Glenn? I forgive you anyways, even if it wasn't your fault, seriously, because I would, that's just, the right thing as I you guess you call it, or whatever. I mean, you were Catholic, don't beat yourself up over it, that's what being Catholic was for, hahaha, haaha. I love the shit like this, about you Jaclyn Glenn, I'm trying to make you feel bad, if I could do this for every girl, just like if I were to do this for every worse girl in the world, then right now, I'd do that right now, I love this shit, thank you Jaclyn Glenn. Oh you have no idea, girl, you woman, I would love it you hove no idea how amazing it would be for me every single time that I do I do just happen to come across a girl that she is bad and deserves to know it because she knows she bad, it's not you Jaclyn Glenn, you're right, it's me, making her and watching her as she sobs like her whole life is falling apart in front of her and I'm the reason for it too, maybe it is what might be called being a pathetic piece of shit, I don't know maybe Jaclyn Glenn, but of course it is, like it is, no question about it, if I have to be what causes that, then yes it is pathetic, pathetic that I had to do it, because bitch fucking deserved it, that's why, she knows, she knows she's evil, like every other girl, I'm only sorry for this, Jaclyn Glenn, if you, didn't know that, all girls are evil. It's whatever, Jaclyn Glenn, I don't blame you, alright, just take it as it is, it's fine, I'm fine with it. There's nothing wrong with you, Jaclyn Glenn, you're not crazy for what you did, even though I can't accept that. I would say that to you, if you were to be expecting me to blame you like anyone else, but as you can tell seeing here, that's not the case. That's unacceptable to me because I know the truth, what's real, the truth is, is that you're just like me, even no matter how worse or evil than you were than any other girl out there in the world, how does that sound to you, Jaclyn Glenn? You think this is joking, I'm not, even in the world, that I live in, right now, there is always some person or force, always telling and trying to drive me to believing that something is required of me as if it was right ever that it was only my obligation to be right in order for me to be what I am, I'm just so fucking God damn tired of it, it's not always even that whatever that thing is really wants that from me either, it might just only believe thinking that it wants me to give it to it to them, I'm not going to be pittied into giving to them just because they want to blame me though, I'll fuck a bitch up, I will only give when I want to and if I know they really want it, and of course not, I'm not giving shit to just any some crazy ass bitch that blames me for not believing that I want to. Do you blame me, Jaclyn Glenn? Nah, you were, were Catholic, what happened, she became an atheist, oh shit, I did not see that coming. Haha, haaa, yeah I did though, that's why I don't blame you, did you ever think about this, that while, like I mean it's true you tried so hard, you were doing everything that you could and at one time too, like, at the same time that you were trying to learn about being a nurse you were also trying to figure out if you even believe in God, what's wrong with that, nothing is wrong with that, it just maybe perhaps wasn't the best smartest thing to do speaking about doing it all at the same time at one time too, but you were trying, I understand, you tried to replace your lack of faith with something, not that you just simply thought it was a good idea to you, you just thought that you needed to because you didn't ever have anything else really before that, you were bound to come out of that either being two different things, stronger in your belief or turning becoming an atheist, don't just think that it's unreasonable that you think and you do think that other people who ask why they believe in God and then not turn into an atheist because of it, that, it's just them, that they are just unreasonable, you were bound to be being either one of those thing too at some point yourself, and you did, so, why were you trying to replace your lack of faith with helping people, as a matter of fact, why did you even feel the need to become a nurse at all in the first place I wonder, no, I mean, it was what you said, you just wanted to help people, yeah did you did want that, now you're just an atheist, who blames your lack of faith on religion, is there any part of that, you thinking to yourself right now, something about that just doesn't sound right, it should, you know then, what you did wrong. You might have wanted to thought it was right, that you wanted to talk about these other people believing in God that they were the wrong ones, because they didn't have the reason that you did, and that you were going to get away with it too, hear me Jaclyn Glenn, it's not so bad, do you think, that it's right for you to blame them for it, like it is a such bad thing, and that now, if I am to judge blaming whether or not that you did anything wrong or just are the same so bad too for not simply believing in something, that I would be wrong for, not, believing you really could be right, if I wanted to blame you for it too? Would I be? Could you have also considered your answer would have still been the same, before, you became an atheist? See, I would blame you, if I really wanted to, really, I would, because if you were like me, then I would know why that I would blame you, I don't blame you because, it was a bad thing, because it was wrong what you did, you are,like me, that's why that no mater much I want to, I can't, I won't, blame you. You did it Jaclyn Glenn, you said it, fuck you to the system, and you never looked back, it makes me so proud, Jaclyn Glenn, she doesn't give a fucking shit hoot, I mean, if it is bad to anyone else or if it's was to really piss someone else the fuck off, even just to prove a point too, to you, if you can't talk about how fucked up something is, then you automatically consider that it must be such a bad thing that you must and to include everyone else to know that is true, or perhaps knowing that shouldn't just be such a bad thing not to blame anyone else. That you, that's how you are, I love that about you Jaclyn Glenn, I hate you so fucking much, but if that was your reason for that you did become atheist just like you trying wanting to think that's not such a bad thing, like I said before, I don't blame you Jaclyn Glenn, girl, I won't, won't blame you, got that Jaclyn Glenn, you know why, you know why, Jaclyn Glenn. I hope that, you do blame me, I have always been trying to fuck with a bitch, give just a some girl not ever assuming there ever was one that I could just give a piece of my mind to, and then, you became that girl, you girl, Jaclyn Glenn, so uhh, thank you and I really did not see that coming woman. It's not that I want to be saying good job, for wanting to help people, I just really can't blame you for that. Now, now you know why Jaclyn Glenn. Do you see it now girl? Did I already say, that I would forgive you, even if I can blame you for you, alright well, just in case, I said, just in case, Jaclyn Glenn, I forgive you woman. I ain't waiting for the lesson to be learned, I ain't doing that shit again. It's funny, to me, you're like who is this guy talking to me right now, like I'm just crazy or something, but when I think of you, nothing about you, has ever surprised me, at all. Actually I was thinking about other girls, that's what's strange, and then I'm like wait a minute, that's like Jaclyn Glenn? It's not strange to me that you might have been wondering would a guy like me really blame you? I wouldn't. And because, that's what I love about you Jaclyn Glenn. See what I did? Are we going to start doing this or what?

Do you want to now what I think about you last relationship Jaclyn, I'm telling you anyways, how do you know what a bad relationship is, when the other person doesn't love you after breaking up, because relationships are either working or going to work out, if you break up and they don't love you, well then, you had a bad relationship, if it's not a bad relationship and you still broke up, then it's a dysfunctional relationship, which one was it to you, with your last one Jaclyn Glenn?

caseyxsharp 6 Aug 29
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I’m sorry but this is voice dictation? Because your comments are a inconsiderate lenght, like.. I’m pretty upset selfish posters can't have the curtesy of being concise, and also mysterious, because ain’t no one got any reason to read these.

Think point.

I don't know what you want me to say to that. I know a lot about Jaclyn Glenn, I don't just watch her videos just because I'm gay for atheism or something like that, I've actually watched enough about her enough to know what she's like, and I have a psychic ability, I've been aware of her since I was a kid, she makes atheist videos, I and her began making things at the same time I was doing writing though, all I did was write about everything in the world, so I think I do have something to say. Especially, to a girl like that. I'm actually a girl too, there is no reason why that I would not ever talk to her even without a reason at all.

@caseyxsharp you’re psychic and you didn’t even realize how much of a headache your wall of text would cause anyone trying to read and use this forum?

@MisterEdmonds I stand behind my beliefs. I'm not doing anything to me that is difficult to be doing right, just how I write is supposed to be that way and this is right to me, whether it is to anyone else, well that's their problem. I've explained why that I do this specific thing to people before on here, there's a reason why that I do what I do. And this isn't for anyone else unless whosoever chooses to read a little, it's just for Jaclyn Glenn. I was making a point, trying to make myself known to Jaclyn Glenn.

Bad, you think this is bad, that this is bad, good or bad to me, that girl right there she's butt hurt over something she couldn't control that turned her atheist and she blames herself not to mention that she's been brainwashed by the others, others out there, that have been atheist, and she's not even like those atheists, however, then she also still thinks that because of this that she actually the right to say anything about religion, that's all she does, she talks about religion being stupid all the time, I would you goe about telling her that's not good, not to also mention that it pisses a lot of people off and she doesn't even try bothering not to with those people like me, like I don't know maybe she would have had a point before, but then again you know what I don't know maybe it just does have something to do with the fact that she was the one who used to be religious and then quite, she'll just tell you, you're stupid for believing that and then, she'll also say that it's because she was a person who really believed too and to her that's wrong, just look at how many videos she's made about it, she's not supporting atheism she's just attacking religion, wanting other people know that it's alright too even if you don't believe in it, this is just a cycle, that will never end, she's never learned just how to be wrong, so when she is, well look at her, she looses her fucking shit, how are you supposed to tell a person like that, they're wrong? I'm not doing anything, trust me I'm not even trying, I'm, just trying to make a point that's all.

I have to do something about this, let me break this down for you real quick, I'm not one of those that tries shoving religion down people's throats, as a matter of fact, I don't even really like religion mainly for the fact that I really do think that I am better the one that's better than to have be believing in that shit, but still, if you're gonna be wrong going about being wrong, then be wrong, but be wrong in the right way, don't just be a bitch about it, that's one thing that, because, because I really do support wanted to, Jaclyn Glenn, and that, I also have been thinking the same things as she too does, the difference is, I didn't stop believing, I did goe search for answers, and for me I could have found what I wanted to believed or may not have, except, no matter what I was going to find or have to believe, I was always going to have to tell it talking in my book to everyone the world who would have read it about that, I had my own beliefs, and then she came and now she wants to say that the best reason that she can possibly give me why that I would ever be wrong not for believing but for believing in religion or God, that is that it's because she was the one who chose not to believe anymore, no, if she's gonna do that, then I gotta do what I gotta do, that is not a fucking God damn girl that should be doing that to people other people, maybe, she just doesn't notice, but, but that's why that I gotta show her why not to not believe, because I don't give a shit either way what she happened, or anyone else happened to believed, I want her to know then that this is needed for me, that I must inform her that she is like other atheists like she thinks she is, that, the only reason that she's doing this right now, isn't because of any of that, it's just because she's butt hurt about it, I'm trying to tell her it's alright, and this is how I do it, by actually giving a shit, about what a girl like that is doing, not me, what she's doing, if she really seriously wishes to say that atheism is right and that religion or the thought of God is wrong, then she needs this, there's no one else that can challenge her beliefs, certainly not out there, I would think she does the right to be challenged, and I'm just the person to do it, a believer in God or not, one of us is about to be torn between our beliefs there's no way around that, I don't give a shit, so, it is, probably going to be her anyway, you think I would do this even if I didn't want to, well I would, I don't have to be right, but she's gonna challenge me, the least she could do, is in fact know exactly why that she believes what she believes, or maybe she shouldn't, be the one to tell other people that they are wrong just for their beliefs, that's the thing, here, she's not one of those atheists that wants to challenge my beliefs, so maybe she shouldn't be one of those atheists that she wants to be that only wants to tell me I'm wrong just for my beliefs, my point here, is this, there is no one else to challenge her, and of those that can but not be a challenge for her, I am the only and best one to do it because I know than everyone who claims someone else to be wrong, that's the only reason that I need to do this, who else is, I mean, it's not gonna be her at this point, someone needs to, just because someone does need to, and if anyone is gonna be that person, then it's gonna be me, or she may have been right, I don't give a shit about anything she does, hell no, I'm taking that girl down no matter what she happens to believe if all that she ever wants to do now is just telling other's they are wrong and stupid for whatever reason, that's what I do,I do that shit, I am the one that has to be the one to tell those, mother fuckers, right there, that they are wrong, if she's challenging me, then this is what I present to her, and if she has a problem with that, well don't just tell that to me, that's her problem buddy.

@caseyxsharp you certainly are the one to show us how conceited character behaves.
No respect for others, total unmerited respect for self, superior attitude towards everyone, oblivious to the intelligence that actually exist in others

@MisterEdmonds I don't think you're all that accurate about me. I have respect for people like Jaclyn Glenn, that['s why I'm doing this, she doesn't appear to show any concern for other's well being, I do this because, I don't think she would be acting this way if she really knew how she was or could see a problem with it in how she sees others who say she has the same problem too, on the other hand, she claims that things that others believe is stupid, which would be one thing, but then the only she really gives to why she would say so is only just because she used to be the same way and now she makes others feel worse about simply believing just be believing when she doesn't even believe in anything at all, and yet she still poses to be an advocate for atheism purely for that one reason, I'm not how you say I am, I'm just giving her a fair chance to accept or decline her own beliefs because apparently she's not gonna be letting anyone else have that if she can't, you think that I'm bad just because people would have a problem with me, you're the conceited one, you know now just as much as I do that there's no reason for me to talk to you after you just said that, because you're gonna change the ideas you have of me, and I highly doubt that you ever will or that you even have that capability to, you're not better than me, you're just an asshole, and furthermore, if what you say makes me unlike other people and that it must be a bad thing then, well then fuck you and everyone else that thinks so too, if that what you are is normal, then I'd rather be the most abundantly abnormal person on this planet, than the twisted piece of shit that you the rest of the majority of people really are too.

You would be the person to judge someone else like me, just for being how you say I am, and acting like it's really making me so much different than everyone else, you know why, because, if you haven't noticed man, like everyone else out there is also how you say that I am, conceded, no concern for others really, superior attitude, but you don't say anything about them being the problem, the only reason you say shit about me is because I wanna oppose your ideas of atheism and I think that says more about you than it does me, like really, you would be the one to say that how I m is bad, I know you would, because you're a piece of shit, and you would, because you're a piece of shit, and you also wanna know why that shit doesn't bother me either, because I don't have to deal with a piece of shit like you, because you're a piece of shit, that's why, sure, you may have had a point about me if that's what you really thought, after all, I'm more human than all of you, you're damn right, I am better than you, because I'm not a piece of shit, I'll tell you what I am and you better fucking believe it I'm just a normal God damn human being just like the rest of you, so, if you thought, that you could ever be truly better than the me that's the worst you're imagining right now and still being such a big piece of shit about it to just like everyone else, that it would mean that I should be bothered what you possibly think makes me a bad person, then I have news for you, you're the abnormal one here to me, you would actually decide your baseless decisions on what you have judged others as without even so much as a second thought while claiming to be not at all like them, and that's you're problem, you can't be that high on the totem pole tooting your nose up at everything and being a piece of shit, you know why, because you're nothing but a piece of shit and that's all you will ever be if you thought I was really ever going to be remotely offended by such a piece of shit, just like you.

You’re comments are childish, but you think they’re evidently insightful. And you’re wrong about calling me atheist. Atheism is the lazy defacto setting of political progressive party. To actually have intelligence and deny God is a rare combination of (self)empathetic and rebellion against universal religious ideals of systematic cultural repression of individualism, even as to attack the very influence that allows for such a diverse cornucopia of people to live together.

However the generations are tired of religious fervor as it results in a typical fallout of the impossible standard. Like we demonstrated, the curious and critical V self righteous protestor