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Some good news!!!

".....Could be as high as 15 Million Barrels. Good (GREAT) news for everyone!!"


bastion 7 Apr 2
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I'm not sure what all this is about but I have been following the oil situation for a long time. While it's hard to get the publics take on progress being made in solving the Riemann Conjecture re the zeros of the Zeta function. It seems everybody whoever pumped a gallon of gasoline is a bona fide expert on oil. The problem with oil is there has always been too much of it. Purely market forces of over supply drove prices down to very low levels in the early 20th century to the point prices had to be fixed with the formation of the Texas Railroad Commission. Indeed, the Venezuelan civil servant that formulated OPEC used the Texas Railroad Commission as a model. We have the same today with supply exceeding demand and the major players are scrambling to position themselves to their best advantage. OPEC is trying to take out Russia and we are feeling the repercussion of this war. Anyone that thinks Trump has much to do with the oil scene is, at best, ignorant and at worst, stupid.


Wow! The last time I heard a load of uninformed brainwashed garbage like that was on Facebook.

That's your president.



It would seem that the market agrees with Trump.

It's great news that oil prices are up!

@bastion Yes. I see you have a firm grasp of economics

@Boardwine It's what your president says.

@bastion Yes. I see you have a firm grasp of economics

@Boardwine I agree with Trump, no idea what your issue is - are you some sort of CNN watching libtard?

@bastion yes. I love Jim Accosta almost as much as Jim Accosta loves Jim Accosta


so if the price going back up indicates the demand is going back up? Does the demand going back up indicate more work being done, meaning more workers being needed to work? Or maybe i have this wrong, what are the Oil Futures trading at,, if they have been steady, then it certainly would be demand increasing. It seems like there is a lot of harsh judgment on a short twitter comment for someone who is trained to look at everything in terms of measurable matrices and then provide support to the ones that do the best for everything overall.


Not sure what the problem is here?

it's GREAT news gas prices are going up!

@bastion I don't have the full context of the statement. But the oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia isn't good for the US. SA flooded the market just to fuck Russia but it's hurting the US. Cheap gas is great. Up to a point.


Thank god, gas was getting too cheap!


Is everything okay?

Xtra Level 8 Apr 2, 2020

He IS your president!


Sorry if this offends you!

@bastion doesn't offend me. I read your other post first and thought you were having a bad day.

Feel better, @bastion!

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