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Dennis Prager makes worlds of sense, which is why the Left hates and fears him. Yeah, yeah "PRAGER U IS NOT A REAL UNIVERSITY," whatever. It is in the sense that he is spreading the word of...common sense. Works for me.

MaskedRiderChris 7 Mar 2
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Meanwhile, Prager is still unable to provide evidence that right and wrong are absolute.

The evidence appears in the suicide rates.


POP CULTURE - gives youth a fantasy life that they cannot live up to. They try their hardest being Try Hard Wanna-be's. There is also this massive "cult of friends" put out by the left, where friends are sooooooo important - they are not! Everyone wants to be a rock star as that song goes, proving how empty the youth are to begin with. All sad but true and many will never admit it. How about you?


I not a fan of Dennis Prager. As for why young people are often unhappy I submit it is the nature of the young to be dissatisfied with status quo. We have created a paradox whereby the youth today do linger and languish far too long in the feathered nest while every fiber if their youthful bodies is nagging at them to get a move on - make their own lives better and in the process blame the older or previous generation(s) for their angst.
It's tough to be a young person - all you know is that you really don't like things they way they are but you haven't a clue as to how you can or will make any meaningful improvement of the proverbial world.
Certainly all of us old foks have not forgotten how driven were were - we just didn't know what to "drive" toward so we looked around and decided to make a binary judgement...old people, old ways bad...our way better...

iThink Level 8 Mar 2, 2020

Brilliant, of course! Culture war....interesting. I'd like to see the atheist group digest this and comment....Thanks

dmatic Level 8 Mar 2, 2020

"Common sense," a.k.a. someone confirming your biases.

Common Sense is a philosophical approach that originated in Scotland.

@Xtra Oh? Is that like Thomas Paine's Common Sense? And do you really think that's what Chris is alluding to?

Nice, but I was thinking of it Scottish. "Scottish Common Sense Realism is rooted in Aristotelian thought and advocates an empirical and scientific philosophy wherein trust of our senses is implicit and necessary. The principles of common sense are fundamental to our accumulation of knowledge of both metaphysical and physical constructs. Think of Harvard in early America.

@Xtra I think what Chris is referring to is less empiricism and more thinking with one's "gut." Like what people say about Trump rallies: "I may not agree with everything he says but there's something that just feels true about it"--or "he says what everyone is thinking." Once again: it's the feeling of having your biases confirmed by someone else.

@WilyRickWiles the Scottish gave us Harvard and we Americans developed it into the s*** hole that it is today. I still prefer the Scottish definition of common sense over confirmation bias. if there is anyone without bias??? You're right and I'm biased, right? There is no inoculation against bias. I applaud every effort to examine one's own argument. Without that and the perspective of principled additional perspectives, we are absolutely guaranteed to fail to do what is right.

I applaud Prager's effort to speak alternative points of view for serious consideration.

@TimTuolomne Yeah but reveling in confirmation bias is just masturbatory.


Prager is better than the "real" universities which are nothing more than socialist communist brainwashing centres that make people hate WHITE MEN.

Dennis Prager is a brave and heroic man who is helping to save the west with his common sense and honesty.

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