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Is this the firsts evidence of God working in mysterious ways?

BikerPetehall70 8 Feb 27
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Why not ask his god/allah for a miracle cure for this virus and other world problems, like wars and pestilence?

Perhaps we need to sacrifice a few thousand beautiful virgins to this bloodthirsty non existent god/allah first?

After all that would a cinch to a deity who created all there is in the cosmos.

angelo Level 8 Mar 2, 2020

And everyone is arguing now that THEY are the right religion!
Jews say " Christians & Muslims are wrong!"
Christians say" Jews &Muslims are wrong!"
Muslims say"Jews & Christians are wrong!"
I say "You're All Correct!"
Someone's going to be disappointed!, could it be All Of Them?!

But the Liberals only recognize the Muslim religion.


did he get a vaccine to keep him from getting the viruses and now has it.

KeVince Level 8 Feb 28, 2020

There is NO vaccine.

@ButchKnouse37 there ius no god either


I was always a questioning little shit when I was around 14 years old and going to a catholic school. In fact it got so bad that the priests and nuns always tried to avoid me. By that time I'd already read the babble cover to cover. It's when my agnosticism started. I'd ask questions like: " One of the 10 commandments states that " Thou shalt have no graven images." Yet, walking into a catholic church, that's all one sees. Statues and images of Christ, Mary, Joseph and other heros of the faith.

angelo Level 8 Feb 28, 2020

When it speaks of idols it means no rock hard beliefs in your mind such as ideologies , concepts and beliefs. Constructs of thought. These are the things that cause human suffering because the truth of everything will not be found in it. But in the absence of them.


It would be ironic should the first ever muslim pope get infected with the virus.

angelo Level 8 Feb 28, 2020

See Iran! Its already running rife with no sensible precautions

Pope Fidel I is not a Muslim.


Well he IS human after all.

And the head of an Apostate Church.

Fingers crossed Papi.


I think it shows he has a wicked sense of humor.

I think if he ever did exist he doesn't really give a shit


We are all sinners, who can open ourselves to God's Grace by bringing each other to the Table. This man has spoken against access of Scripture to "common people," completely against Jesus' teaching. I fear for his immortal soul.

Then there's the whole injecting teachings and traditions of Man thing, which makes the Catholic church Apostate..

@DonProvolone, Are you a Muslim then?


Non-denominational Christian.


I was a Catholic.

Got kicked out of CCD for asking:

  1. If Jesus said; "And when you pray, pray to Our Father, In My name" why do we pray to Saints?
  2. How can Mary be a perpetual virgin, when the Bible says Jesus had brothers and sisters?
  3. How can Mary by Holy, when Christ said only God is Holy?
    3b) Why is Mary venerated, when all she did was say "Yes" to God, as any faithful Jew at the time, should have done.

I got a high IQ.

I don't react well to Bullshit.

@DonProvolone, Sounds like you're just pissed off and anti-social.



I read The Word of God... original texts and the KJV, and I tolerate zero Bullshit.

@TimTuolomne I am antisocial though.

Fiercely happy with it too.

Segments of my family and my wife's and a SMALL circle of friends are all I tolerate in real life.

Online, everyone is just a screen name.

And again, I'm good with it.

@DonProvolone, Being flawed, I will not test you on that. You must be fun at parties.


I don't go to parties, with anyone but those I mentioned.


Test away.

I have No fear.

After all, you're just a screen name to me.

This is now gone. We have evolved past mind creations of a God or a religion, except for you. This is why the globalists are arising, it's because people are not going for religious control anymore. We have noticed how empty religion is. Promising salvation delivering nothing.

@drptree There just might be a difference between the institutions of humans and those of God.

And you might find the work of physicist Micheu Kaku interesting, among many others. Heisenberg said "Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we CAN think." But I'm sure you have it all figured out.


Good for you.

And mind your business.

Sin is an invention to make people self censor and subjugate their own minds

@BikerPetehall70. Give the Bible a look Pete. Not just a peek. Read it. And read the secular history around Jesus Christ. There may be more to it than you think. Ask yourself how much you actually know about the World, the Galaxy, the Universe??? I'm a smart guy and I know almost nothing about them. That's being honest. Are you?

@TimTuolomne I have read it! And actually researched it/ discussed and dissected its origins, reason behind which gospels were omitted and why, the new testament was compiled for and edited by Emperor Constantine when he recognized the underground rise of Christian ideas and recognized a future threat to power , so he adopted it and tailored it to be the official religion of Rome, hence "Holy Roman Empire!" Your holy texts were all written in Greece at least 100 years after the events and had been retold and embellished countless times, the gnostic Christians who didn't accept the resurrection were oppressed until their eventual murders, all the miracles of Christ are lifted from older pagan gods like Osiris and Mythras but mythras devotees sacrificed bulls so had to be edited out , Osiris , born Xmas day, healed the sick, walked on water, could raise the dead and here's the kicker Was resurected after 3 days, I could go on! ,, your Messiah is a composite character , constructed for political reasons by a tyrant

@BikerPetehall70. I shall pray for your immortal soul.

@TimTuolomne don't waste your time,


Does the benie hat double as a collection basket in 3rd world countries like the Phillippines and Mexico?

Pope- "I'm going to pray for the worlds poorest!"
While sitting in this giant marble palace surrounded by all this gold!

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