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Take the time to watch this properly

BikerPetehall70 8 Jan 25
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Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)
I agree with his analysis.

Naomi Level 8 Jan 26, 2020

I've just posted Tommy's original speech the one he wasn't allowed to before

Listened to this twice now and can't find fault

Nailed it!!


After an hour of telling about (and showing video proof of) things he was warning would happen and suffering at the hands of nay sayers, he made another prediction. This is a powerful method of convincing the ignorant over a period of time.


  1. Recognize the problem and what it will lead to if not dealt with.
  2. Video document yourself warning those in a position to act on your warning.
  3. After your prediction comes to pass, publish (and video document for later use) in every public forum available your “I told you so, now deal with the problem.
  4. Recognize the next looming threat of not dealt with.
  5. Show your video documentation from befor and your video evidence leading you to your conclusions and repeat the above steps.

Keep up the fight


Is it my imagination, or is Tommy the sanest man in the room?


Hello. I watched this a few years ago. This is a good way to get to know Tommy Robinson. It was good of the Oxford Union for being open-minded enough to invite him.

Naomi Level 8 Jan 25, 2020
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