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It will NOT change. Because it is...A religious right for them.

RemiDallaire 9 Jan 21
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The uk didn't have rape until the moslems (satans desciples) came here.

we had our criminals it's true but they were gentlemen like the kray brothers who didn't hurt normal people. it's lawless now and crime is worse than new york : they keep the truth hidden but most people know but cannot speak out.

bastion Level 7 Jan 21, 2020

Hello. Reference(s) please to support your opinion. Thank you.

@Naomi it's not an opinion it's a fact (tm)

@bastion In that case, you sound like you're talking about the facts well before my time. I was curious to know about those days when they didn't have rape until Muslims arrived, as you put it. That's all.


There is no muslim country where rape is illegal it is a right for them they have taken over the uk and will not stop until they are stopped.

kick them out.

kick maajid out too : he is practicing taquiya and is just meant to be a "friendly" face of moslems : he has no right to be in the country and i think he's a vile man.

bastion Level 7 Jan 21, 2020


In Pakistan, the legal recognition of rape as a crime has changed in pace with the dominant narrative on women’s sexuality. In 2006, Pakistan adopted the Protection of Women (Criminal Law Amendment) Act (Women’s Protection Act or WPA), which reclassified rape differently from fornication and adultery.

In short, rape is a crime in Pakistan. It is simply wrong to make a general assumption that Islam allows men to rape women like this caller seems to be suggesting.

One who lives in the UK shall obey the UK laws regardless of one's background including one's religious belief. It is as simple as that to me. Also, it is good that the police, who are supposed to be a law enforcer, have recently been shamed for overlooking such a massive, serious crime that has been committed for a long time in the UK.

Naomi Level 8 Jan 21, 2020

Still Maajid say it loud...When the changes have been proposed in Pakistan...the religious cast stated to scream.
The accused ARE TRYING to use the religion as a defense against this behavior... As much as I agree 150 % with what you say here....I don't think this behavior will stop.

@RemiDallaire You miserable so and so. 😂

I believe you need to put some time into reading the Quran and researching the history of Muslims. I see you defending consistently. How sad...

@Dmwils You believe wrong, lady.

@Naomi LOL Now come on....There there....I said I agree with ya,,, But I still don't think it will stop.. They can't help it....They HAVE TO be that evil.


I'm a glass-half-full person. 🙂

Nothing good comes out of hate.

"Keep paedophilia all to yourself. You're not welcome here!"

Those exact words were once thrown at a member who was "currently in Turkey" on this very site. Judgement was passed quickly on this member "assuming" that he was Muslim. I still remember those exact words, as I was shocked. They silenced the member and drove him/her out of this community. And they are the same people who say they defend free speech. Isn't it ironic?

There are Muslim haters, Christian haters, Jew haters, homophobes, white racists, black racists... Some people are full of hate - they're ugly on the inside. Hate does nothing but divide us. I hate nobody. Do you?

Incidentally, there are many many Islam reformers like Nawaz in various fields and I sincerely wish them a success.


@Naomi I don't hate anyone,,, I go by stats... You have one anecdotal argument... I have thousands and thousand of little girls starting with Aisha. 😉 Stats and the Quran says... if you are a non Muslims...Don't trust Muslim...Or even Ex Muslims...Cuz it could be Taqira...Lies... They really did a great job of covering their own asses through the centuries. Stories Caliphe who want 100 000 white women for his harem... and the Venicians (not better characters) Ready to sell those white girls to him. of course. Every Arabian conquest has a deviant story in it... Brother Karamasov (Even the russians tell horrible stories about them in their litterature) It has to indicate something,,, Not only hate...

@Naomi And if that makes me a miserable...So and so. Bouahahaha. So be it... I want my son to survive... I want my little cute niece to not be raped. I want everyone little girls daughters child not to be raped. At all... By anyone. what EVER the color is. And I don't want someone who is guilty to get a free card out of prison just because they are white brown black yellow ot because they have money.. Once there are proofs and there was a jugement someone is guilty I want life in prison for those people... And not a compfortable prison.. A prison old style... where you break stones for the rest of your life.


@RemiDallaire You live in CANADA. Not in a country full of backward-thinking Muslims. You have the Canadian laws, or have they been overridden by Sharia law? Is it that bad in Canada now? I don't know much about social issues you're facing in Canada. Is the whole country full of Pakistani rapists?

@Naomi Our Minister of immigration...IS a Muslim...Because Trudeau luvvvvvvvvvvv diversity... Guess what will happen here.... Same fu**** problems you guys in France and in England are facing...It's already a mess with a minimum of them here. As they made Quebec remove all the cross from the jutice palace (about 20 years ago)...To after complain they can't wear a hijab in court... My answer to that and to all CBC loonies that was accusing Quebec of racism was...We didn't move our trash out so you can put yours in... So yes... the fight is starting here...Jihad has MANY form ... in Ontario a Islam political party was just created last year... Oh...It's coming.

@RemiDallaire Do you have a strong opposition party that could control the cultural diversity better?
Sorry, I'm asking too many questions now. You got me curious about your country - a bad habit. I shall dig a little.

@Naomi Welllllllllllll.....Ya know the reputation Canadian have...?? They are all extremely nice...Except when they are on an ice rink.. It's true...LOL Canada so far has been protected by it's climate. (No body wan't 7-8 months of snow) Canada in MANY ways is a place where you can leave your house unlock to go to the grocery store. It's ALREADY diverse. as the French and English people have been living side by side in somewhat of a controled harmony...The French Canadian got out of the control of the Catholic church in the 60's. (It's called the quiet revolution) (La revolution tranquille). But the Catholic church devotion is what saved those French Canadian. It allowed them to keep their language and somewhat form a certain identity. By the scheduled reproduction the catholic church was imposing to Quebec. (Not unlike what the Muslims are doing but different) Quebec did that for survival) (Muslim have 6 children per familly to take over the land) There is still that split between French and english except at certain moment in time...War....The Olympic....the Canada cup...The junior world hockey tournament...etc etc LOL. When ever Team Canada wins... We all become proud Canadians.

There is a big split between metroplitan cities and rural Canada... Montreal for example is extremely Liberal retarded and the world stop after that city.. Toronto is kinda of the same...So in the last election...If Quebec would have voted with the rest of the country... Trudeau would be gone...But Quebec did kinda like what Scoland did... And vote for a local party that has no business to be a federal party... The block Quebecois.. I don't get it... But you see...I'm someone who still speak my first language... But I lived elsewhere...Saw other things...(Lived 10 years in Texas) . So I see further than my own nose and over the big pile of snow that is in my back ward...(Still no palm trees growing here) Can't wait for that global warming to kick in...

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