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These people are truly malicious.

AlbertaPatriot 6 Dec 29
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These are the kind of pictures GOP candidates need to be showing as they run the replace Democrat congressmen and women. It's the Democrat policies that cause this crap. When we vote, we're voting for the policies of the given party. If you're okay with this and want more of it, vote Democrat. If you're tired of this and want it cleaned up, vote Republican.

Also, it's sounding more and more imminent that Trump will have to intervene before these cities can rejoin what is the America we love. If there's someone who can fix this, it's Trump. Whenever there was a project no one else could fix, they called Trump. Once that happens in order to fix these cities, it should automatically mean the end of Democrat governance in that area.

Clarken Level 7 Dec 29, 2019

We republican would like to think that this situation has nothing to do with us!!!
That is entirely incorrect. There are republican elected officials in every one of these jurisdictions, where have they been???? I don't hear them actively denouncing the actions of the majority DEMs!!!
I want to see the Tax Returns of EVERY POLITICIAN that became a millionaire AFTER they were elected!!!!!!!!

You're right. Being Republican doesn't guarantee anything. Look at the Republican House under Paul Ryan - good for nothing. They need to actually get down to business once they take office - like Trump.


Hello. This looks shocking. It isn't like this all over California, surely... or is it? I don't live in the US, so you tell me.

Naomi Level 8 Dec 29, 2019

Pictures don't lie, but pictures don't tell the whole story either. No, Naomi, there is still hope.

Only in the Cities. Seattle, Washington as well. San Francisco offers tourist maps to help people avoid the human fecal matter.

Hello dmatic. Pictures can lie nowadays; they can be edited. Still, I like your positive attitude. 🙂

Hello Facci. Ah, that's a shame... 😟


If the named group ran the country, these pictures are our future!!!
Be careful of what you VOTE for!!!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Dec 29, 2019

All the whining and crying about the conditions in the detention centers on the border, most of which were lies, and they refuse to talk about how their own citizens live. Tells us all we need to know about any of them.

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