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Ok. What's your take on Greta ? To me Greta is an abuse child. The reason for that is (I know by experience being the father of an auistic child and it has been proven by science) that an autistic child in a state of crisis will suffer 10 times more than anyone else. Her parents put her in a state of crisis with the climate change narrative. So they are profiting from her pain to advance a narrative. And that's call child abuse. The child is NOT guilty here in fact her pain and tears are real. She is the victim of child abuse.


I know this because my son is an autistic child... I did spend my life trying to keep my child out of that state of crisis.

(These info are deleted by HighQ from the free speech absolutism channel...because it goes against his narrative)
(And because HighQ is NOT allowed in the culture war for insulting everyone he come in contact with) grin

And I say it loud and proud...Who ever gave HighQ the title of moderator on the freespeech absolutism channel is out of his mind LOL

Look at the picture of Greta on the boat... (just like that guy who drive in a van with candies and puppies to abduct your child)

It leads to the picture of Greta in pain at the UN.

In 2 words... Child abuse.

This is my take on it and I share what has been deleted by HighQ...(it offended him)

RemiDallaire 8 Dec 11
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It's the tyranny of being unassailably pathetic. Not to sound mean, but that's exactly why she's at the podium; to evoke pity and thereby suppress criticism. Heartless power mongers love this tactic.
But, it certainly doesn't suppress all criticism; especially from people who can see exactly what they're doing. What it does do, is enable the pretense that any criticism is an "attack" on Greta herself.
So, the cowards hide behind her like a human shield and press forward, to her detriment. She takes all the arrows, but they don't care. When they've used her up they'll just grab another and keep marching...

rway Level 7 Dec 12, 2019

I agree wholly with this assessment. I also lay the responsibility of this child being used and abused at the feet of her parents. I watched a couple of videos where her "father" was present, as soon as questions began to get into the hypocrisies of what Greta is demanding, and the way she is actually living along with her parents daddy stepped in and shut the interveiw down. I think the reporters were given a list of approved questions and the second they strayed from the list, which meant questions Greta had not been coached on and could not possibly answer the doors slammed.


The Spanish have a phrase for this child (Mal creado) badly raised.


Honestly, I think she is something of an avatar for so many people today who rely on "authorities" to provide their world-views. She's utterly convinced that science is settled and we're all about to die. You can find the same convictions all over the WWW. She just happens to be the one who sells tickets. It's all about the clicks, whether that's views on the internet, t-shirt sales, or windmills.

govols Level 8 Dec 11, 2019

@RemiDallaire What struck me about the autism spectrum, to address your question directly, (sorry got distracted by the direct attack on your experience, as an actual parent), as one of the most notable, diagnosed traits, is that Autistic children, have the ability to be sympathetic towards those that are in some way suffering, but incapable of actual empathy.

My son Sam...Goes in crisis if someone cry around him. (And to the point of becoming violent) It really affect him.

@RemiDallaire Maybe as he matures he will learn to cope better? I think David Wood says he's autistic, and speaks openly about it ? There is nothing like the pain of being a parent to a kid, who is deeply misunderstood and condemned by greater societal group think, I know and empathize with you.

@purdyday Thank you.. Although....We are pretty good (more and more) with the issue in Quebec. We did try Sam in a normal school (with suprevision) for one year. He almost made it...But with many crisis throughout the year. In fact this is why I work during the night. IF Sam has a crisis I can wake up an intervene. After that year in normal school we moved Sam in a specialised TSA class. It went better and the crisis started to fade.This year Sam again is in a new school. At 9 years old now. He is pretty much faster than anyone in math LOL. (kinda like rain man) But his communication skills are very much lacking. His mother is pretty much out of the picture. Only came to see him twice in a last 8 months and for only 2 afternoons.... So to bring Sam to a closer point of autonomy is all on me.

So you can understand that..When I see Greta in crissis.. I'm disgusted about the parents of that child. Asperger children are maybe more functionnal but NOT that much.

@RemiDallaire That is the upside, he has the ability to be really, really good at whatever subject he really is drawn too! Math is as good as it gets, its so logical 😊 And I think that is why Greta is so compelling in her use of oratory skills...she really is passionate about the climate subject. You are right about how despicable her parents are to be using her that way. Their need for relevance, to be on the side of political correctness, is more important than their own childs welfare....its sad and disgusting. It makes me think of the parents who allow hormone blockers and have their children genitally reassigned before the kids even have a chance to understand what it is that is being decided for them! Am glad your son has you looking out for him, you are a good man.


She is a victim and am sorry to hear that you have first hand experience with your own child.


She's a disturbed child that's being used by political hacks.

And victim blamers, a part of the same movement.

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