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I've been trying to figure out what education would look like if it were more socially and culturally integrated. I'm not suggesting multicultural or desegregated, but something more...I don't know.

I have no idea how it might be pulled together, but if somehow all of the subjects could be taught mostly at the same time, so that if you're reading something from a period, also be studying the history of the period, the state of science, the dominant forms of governance, cultural norms, etc. As history is studied, read texts from the period and examining the ways than language and meaning develop and evolve over time. I could imagine teaching in clusters of age groups rather than grades, and not really promoting kids but moving through the complexity levels as they developed the depth of knowledge and understanding that would be required.

I would have done better in school if my course work have made sense together, and if I had been allowed to move on or linger at my own pace. I could see sometimes being with kids 2-3 years older or younger depending on what day it was and what subjects were being considered. But I can't figure out how it would work or what it would look like.

There wouldn't be 6 or 8 lesson plans, one each per subject, but instead competent masters of multiple subjects would have to work together to develop lesson schemes. It seems like it would make school easier to tolerate and put some context into all of the various topics.

govols 8 Dec 3
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If you have not heard of John Taylor Gatto, then you may be in for a good experience learning from his words describing his experience teaching.

I think that his method is to ask the children what they want to learn and then challenge them to take their own path to reach that goal, with suggestions from the teacher. The reason this type of learning process works is self-evident in my opinion, but Gatto explains the process well enough to convey the truth about it. No need to trust an old guy who was once Teacher of the Year in NY City.

Another thing to consider as people seek higher quality and lower cost (advancements) in learning is the new technologies that move people away from old processes and people eventually move to new processes. Ubiquitous Interconnectivity (so-called Internet) affords everyone a cost saving whenever anyone cares to know something they do not yet know. How can that not end up improving the way children learn?

Will it take a (counterfeit) government Internet Schooling Program to move the school of fish in the direction of independent students learning precisely what they want to learn effectively, rapidly, and then moving onto the next goal? I don't think so, but people teach me how wrong I am all the time.


What - public education isn't racially, culturally, integrated? look again.

iThink Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

Not where I was going....


I'll leave this til im sober

I wish I had that many times I wish I had that phrase......

@govols It’s taken me a long time to learn to use it


That is what we did in the homeschooling of our kids, all the subjects were tied together as much as possible to learn fractions we went to the shop and made things using a ruler/number line. Chemistry started in the kitchen biology started in the garden.

Sounds totally reasonable. I was a math major in school... I tell people that the things you see in the realm of math are only as real as there is anything in the real world to which they correspond. Negative numbers correspond to things like debt or the reverse gear in a car, fractions correspond to the invention of knives...

There was a South American tribe which used a base-20 number system. You could ask your kids what that might indicate... The answer is that it means they hadn't invented shoes...


Being the bearer of bad news is a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.....

The problems with public ed not just in the US but in many if not all other nations as well are foundational and not limited to things like Common Core and leftist indoctrination. In the US, the situation has reached a point of being so bad that our future pretty much depends on how many kids can be rescued FROM public ed.


Yeah, I've dug into a bunch of those ideas. It freaks me out how multiple political theories seem to desire A human nature that applies to the masses, and ANOTHER human nature applied to the betters. It's an anti-polis perspective that views the vast majority of humanity a cogs in a global production and distribution machine.


Hello. Do you have any Steiner Schools in your country?

Naomi Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

Wiki says there's a couple hundred in N. America. I'll have to learn a bit about the pedagogy to see if it looks much or a lot like I'm pondering.

There is quite a few in the UK. It was a long time ago but I had an opportunity to visit one of them. It was interesting.



One must be careful when suggesting out of the box ideas about education. Such an approach might provide opportunity for imagination and critical thinking to invade the halls of learning. Who would want that?

It would be horrifying if kids explored the fits and starts of humanity learning, wouldn''t it?

@Harleylock wait, that would be a bad thing? If there is a threat of imagination and critical thinking breaking out and invading the halls of learning I want to grab my fan and stoke the embers.

Why couldn’t a group of likeminded people get together and do their own research and develop a plan to arrive at a proof of concept for effective instructing taking into account the various issues pub ed struggles with? There is tons of research on various instructional methodologies already. I’m not familiar enough to know much more than that there are mountains of information already available. If only there was a high openness EdD available to add some insight on this topic.

And by research, I mean literature review and practical test runs of some newly assembled principles into something resembling an educational system.

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