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"A man's intelligence is inversely proportionate to the complexity of his watch."

I think this quote comes from a Kurt Vonnegut novel. If not Vonnegut, than certainly Douglas Adams.

Things have become even more certain since the first time I read that back in high school. One can replace the word "watch" in this with the words "phone", and "television" as well, even "computer". The more consumerist AMericans became after WWII the more we gave up caring about truth, and our liberty. As a whole this country no longer really cares where their food comes from, or even, to a large degree, what it is made of as long as the packaging is pretty and it taste is acceptable. Football scores, and the latest Hollywood gossip became more important than laws being passed, wars our nations was being thrown into, and poisons we are being fed. Our students slowly devolved from some of the top graduuates in the wolrd to kids barely able to read and write, but who had great self esteem.

But by golly most everyone has to have the latest greatest Smart Phone, Smart Television, and Chromebook computer on the market. Doesn't matter how easy it makes things for the government, and Lord only knows what other social programming, consumer manipulative organization, and morally bankrupt computer geek, to spy on you and collect the most personal information about you, you have the BEST! ""A man's intelligence is inversely proportionate to the complexity of his watch."


KCSantiago 8 Dec 3
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If you don't where a watch, and have no smart appliances,what the inverse of that.


Unrelated, my 6 year old keeps asking me what infinity plus one is and I keep telling him infinity, which challenges him. Quite the mind he is developing.

@RobBlair I was thinking retired early and enjoying a debt free life. that's a lot of money to spend on something that is old 6 months after you by it.

If I were to wear a watch to where would I wear it and what does its relative complexity have to to with wearing said watch wherever I might go. Furthermore, If I were to wear that watch everywhere I went would it be possible for the watch to wear out? If my watch were to become worn out from wearing it everywhere I went then I suppose it is possible that I might not have the wherewithal to comprehend its relative complexity nonetheless. Which would be moot if the watch were worn out from wearing it everywhere and at all times.

@RobBlair the answer is that plus 1 is superfluous - infinity being incomprehensible as it is where would you put the plus 1...hah

@iThink Well I keep putting it into my I Ching calculator and all I get is a suffusion of yellow.

@RobBlair that mellow yellow


And there it is! Too funny!


I read that quote a different way. I didn't think first about a time piece, but about a watchman or the night's watch. The complexity or simplicity of the circumstance sometimes determines how a person or a people are judged in hindsight. Sometimes the wise or brilliant decision happens to be the one we're reduced to when we can't find any choices.

govols Level 8 Dec 3, 2019

When I read this we associated with time pieces because at that time all these fancy digital watches were first coming out, and the one that impressed the kids most in school was one that had calculator functions. This marginally rich kid in school had one right away. He was quite the jackass, and did not know how to use anything but basic functions on a regular calculator. When he ran around showing that off me and friend immediately went to that quote. We laughed until hurt hearing him talk about how fancy and complicated it was, and always about how much it cost.


I know I’ve seen a picture of Zuckerberg stood next to his laptop and his camera lens and microphone were both taped over, what does that tell you?

I have not seen that one but now must do a search.

@KCSantiago it’s there somewhere

@BikerPetehall70 I found it right away. That cracks me up.

@KCSantiago take the hint

it tells me that any computer, laptop, notebook...can be hacked anytime anywhere. The only way to avoid it would be to unplug from the matrix. see what I did there? LOL

@iThink it tells me that he knows that everyone is being monitored and even his security can’t do anything about it

@BikerPetehall70 isn't that another way of saying what i just said? LOL!


Possibly from dirk gently


You are correct, Big Brother is watching. On the upside of the discussion is the value of facial recognition software and the myriad of cameras on business fronts and interiors, dash cams, phone cams, security cams. Yes this is an infringement on our personal lives.

However, it is also an infringement on the freedoms of wanted criminals and suspects. The flood of ILLEGALS into Canada, thanks to the TURD, has also brought criminality. Canadians innocent lives are at an end. Vigilance is the key. Gee, who would ever guess that ILLEGALS would do illegal things?

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