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UK. Turning Point. "Apparently You Can Choose Your Race." The Left s Latest Madness, pick a race, any race.

mccarthy 8 Nov 24
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These people are insane


Why not go all the way and choose to be a cat. Sleep all day, prowl all night, poop on the streets, just like the druggys do.


Maybe I should identify as a White male so that I can have some of that White male privilege we keep hearing about.

I’m a white male and ain’t found any privilege yet, maybe if I row out into the channel and throw my id overboard and come back as a refugee ...l cause believe me having disability benefits to live on isn’t a privilege


There has already been a court case in which a man petitioned to have his age changed to 10 years less than his actual age.
The insanity of the left has no limits.


when they start handing out money for "reparations" I'll be Black just like Rachel Dolezal and Sean King

iThink Level 8 Nov 24, 2019

If sex/gender is a choice, then so called race should be no problem to chose! 🤣😂🤣

Identifying as a different race makes better sense. At least you won’t have to cut off anything.

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