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Australia. Sky News. "Political Correctness is No Longer Funny."

mccarthy 8 Nov 22
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Any country that has allowed this ideology to invade and infect their society is realizing what an absolute danger it presents. By allowing these phenomenology acolyte anarchists to high Jack our language they essentially assume control of the reality because they define it. They are emotionally irrational. EQ vs IQ should have set off alarm bells but people just thought that EQ only meant that you should be more aware of how people perceive you and be more self aware. EEOC was thought to only be about being to people regardless of identity characteristics. Feminism was thought to be just equal pay for equal jobs. Work place harrassment was thought to mean preventing sexually inappropriate behavior in your work environment. All these things were initial ways to sensitize and socialize the society to enhance the wider population's acceptance of these concepts as forerunners of full blown identity politics and the accompanying concepts, language and expectations. In academia young people in colleges had been receiving activist socialist indoctrination for years but with the election of Trump the genie was let out of the bottle and the battle to control society was enjoined. I think this is why bho is attempting to reign the far-left in as they are too radical for the moderate liberal polity. Seeing the current state of UK and AU makes me more determined to refuse to fight against this appropriation insurrection but the question is how this can be effectively defeated?

dd54 Level 8 Nov 22, 2019

As George Orwell explained, it is more dangerous to allow your language to be changed or censored than it is to get bombed. The pendulum has swung to the extreme left. What will be required for the pendulum to swing back towards normal? An earth shattering asteroid collision that plunged us into global winter for a few years would soon change the focus of the then frozen snowflakes, don't you think?

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