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Michelle Obama......race politics....

TerminatorX 6 Nov 19
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Something I have wondered about...the term "Colored People" is deemed racist but "People of Color" is acceptable. What is the difference, can anyone explain this to me? Is this a play on words or a form of dominance?

I googled the following :"Colored people" has historically been used in a derogatory sense by those who were not "colored." Linguistically it puts the focus on the color rather than the person.
"People of color" emphasizes that they are "people" first, with color a descriptive attribute.

So what should I make of " White People"?

FEWI Level 7 Nov 20, 2019

Doing everything they were supposed to, and better...If that were the case then things would not have taken place as they did. Your Chicago has become one of the worst places to live, look what socialism has done to Detroit.

A friend of mine who had spent quite a bit of time in and out of prison explained a difference between blacks and whites that has caused much trouble for ages. In a way this fellow made the same observation. He was doing a short bid for an assault charge. His worst beating was that first time in prison. A black guy bumped into him in the mess hall. Before he could say anything the guy suckered punched him and it was on. Once he was into the fight he was giving as good as he got then some of the black guy's friends jumped in. Being a new fish he did not have any alliances to speak of so everyone stood back to let the guards stop it.

He told me the main difference between blacks and white, when a black person gets into any kind of confrontation, no matter the cause, their default response is to fight, start throwing punches and try getting the upperhand right off. Where as white people tend to want to try talking first. Try to find out what the problem is and find a non violent solution. If that does not work then they fight. He also said almost every black person he had met, of which there were many where he lived in the Los Angeles area, all had a chip on their shoulder and were pissed off, so it seemed, just for being born.

If O-bomb-a got shot just getting gas, the stats tell us the gunman will most likely be another black man. Why doesn't she address that fact? As for AOC's whining, the inequity of education in her area would be the result of democrats running things for the past few decades. Yet here she is, a democrat puppet just reading from her script, addressing blacks audiences with a very noticeable change in her speech patterns and dialect, a dumbed down version of how she says things, but she would have us believe it's all because of white people.

Yep she tries to talk getto and just sounds like an idiot parrot. Just following orders, got to keep the blacks hating whites..... she's a disgrace. Sad thing is if she ran for the dems she'd probably win.


Yep can not win with these illogical thinkers!

Header Level 8 Nov 19, 2019

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