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David Hoffman talks about the new "Ok boomer" thing. It's worth a listen at a mere 12 minutes 55 seconds in length.

iThink 8 Nov 17
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Hello. Mr Hoffman seems to be talking about different perceptions related to generation gaps.

OK Boomer, Dinosaur, Millennial Snowflake, Peter Pan... Words like these are often used as retorts... Not worth taking them seriously in my opinion.

Do you feel offended by "OK boomer", iThink?

Naomi Level 8 Nov 17, 2019

And to think I believed you, iThink! I listened to the whole thing hoping to find out what " OK Boomer" even was! A definition would have been better for me, though I like the guy. Thanks, but I will be suspicious from now on! 🙂

dmatic Level 8 Nov 17, 2019

Hello. You're right. Mr Hoffman doesn't mention "OK Boomer", unless I missed it.
"OK Boomer" is a retort, like any retort you know. Don't know if you're sensitive with any derogatory terms referring to your age. To me, they're just words.

@Naomi Thanks. Not sensitive to remarks about age at all, I don't think! Age is something nobody seems to be able to change about themselves, but to discount someone's opinion based on it, rather than the content of the comment seems to say more about the mocker than the one being mocked or discounted.

it was only a mere 12 minutes and 55 seconds out of your life man...c'mon. I think his discussion has value - otherwise I would not have shared it. LOL

@iThink I don't think I said his talk didn't have value. Actually, I enjoyed him.. Sorry to give the wrong impression! But, you said he was talking about the "OK Boomer" thing. Just sayin' 🙂

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