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A year or two back there was a lot of talk about holding a Convention of States to modify the Constitution of the Untied States. That, overall troubled me. With the nutjob politicians like, "You have to make it law before you can know what it is in it" Pelosi, Nutjob, "OMG this garbage disposal is terrifying AOC", and others no telling what could be taken, or added. It's not like the republican party has the back bone to deny them anything of value.

However, if they went through with this there is something I would like to see modified. I would like to see an amendment that would place other restrictions on the president's use of the War Powers Act. If the president sends our troops off to war on some notion of immediate national concern fine. However!!!! Instead of letting congress decide if that war continues after a years time it goes to a popular vote to the American people. Everyone of voting age regardless of criminal convictions, or any other typical reason the government finds to deny rights to citizens. If tehy say, in the vote, to bring the troops home regardless of any BS complaints the feds have to have it done within 3 months.

Anyone have their own ideas of what a Convention of states could do they think would serve the better good of the country

KCSantiago 8 Nov 14
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Thank all of you for the time you took commenting here. This is great, I really enjoy the interaction. I will comment more through the day. Both sides that are battling it out in my mind on this idea have been represented well here. There is a concern for the need to push back government corruption that is common place now, but I also worry how it could be manipulated to destroy our sovereignty. We see such simple minded idiocy coming out of colleges(jazz fingers come right to mind), and other arenas in our society I am concerned about the SJW halfwits like AOC and Pelosi who could have some big numbers gather for such a convention.
I would like to first see the Constitution being adhered to and enforced as it is written, that would certianly end many troubles. The power given the president to sink us into decades long wars without a declaration of war, people who have made a life long career of being in senate and congress, our money being printed in direct violation of the Constitution by an entity that has no accountability, or even loyalty to this country and it's people. The fact that many people, I would not be surprised if the majority of people, are not aware that the Federal Reserve is not a branch of our government but a private global institution is one of the things that cause me concern. But I do thing the need is out weighing those concerns and if we do not address and correct those needs soon then we will most certainly be needing to exercise our Second Amendment rights in the most serious way possible.


I've been peripherally involved in this movement for about 4 years now. I think it's the only way to exert some sort of control over our national government at this point. Things like term limits, limitations on SCOTUS's ability to legislate from the bench, or forcing Congress to live under their own laws are things only the people can enforce.
It's sad, yet unsurprising, that there has been this much momentum for this. Not because the citizens want it, but because the people have elected representatives who make it necessary. THAT is our fault.
How have we let these thieves feed us lies for so long?? Lack of interest in the political process. Its seems a large portion of this country is more interested in what some celebrity thinks than in thinking for themselves. Our educational system has been on the decline since the 80's, and then only solution is throwing money at it. No child left behind, my ass!

"How have we let these thieves feed us lies for so long??"

I read a book written by Stephen Biko, a man who fought against apartheid in South Africa. Sadly he was killed in his younger days so Mandella and his insane wife became the face and figure heads of anti apartheid movement. Biko was a rather intelligent man. He said the greatest tool of any oppressive regime is the mind of the oppressed. I think that is what has happened in this country.
Our federal government has become rather oppressive. They hate the limitations the Constitution has laced on it so they flat out ignore it. They have used the minds of the people they mean to oppress to get over on them. The welfare is a great example. When he signed that into law Lyndon Johnson was reported to have said, "That will keep niggers voting democrat for the next hundred years". Blacks to this day are one of the largest voting blocks for democrats and have been sine the days of LBJ.
American also have this irrational fear of voting third party. Especially in every presidential election each party puts out this propaganda that this, the current election, is the most important election in the country''s history. If we don't vote for their party, if the other party wins, then freedom in this country is gone forever. I have been hearing this since I became voting age over 30 years ago. People are forever voting for an evil lesser. I did the same thing until the republican party shoved McCain to the front of the line claiming him the winner in 2008 in their primaries when quite a few states had not held their primaries yet. The democrats bascially did the exact same thing with O-bomb-a that year making back room deals so Hillary stepped down before they had held all their primaries. I was blogging on myspace back then. When the GOP pulled that crap I made the vow to never waste another vote on a republican again. I also started researching and posting some truths about McCain. I advised friends to try pushing back on the GOP, I suggested everyone vote third party and also send a letter to the main office of the Republican stating why they decided not to waste a vote on McCain, and demand they either clean up their act (specific suggestions for doing that were offered), or they could expect to have lost that support permanently. I told them O-bomb-a had already been selected and their votes would not change things. And even if O-bomb-a won it would not have made any real difference as McCain was just a socialist democrat at heart any way. He would not have done a damned thing better than O-bomb-a did.
I got attacked like crazy. Lost quite a few online friends too. And when O-bomb-a won they all blamed me. Even after I spent a couple of months crunching the numbers and showed even if McCain had taken every single third party vote he still would have lost it did not matter. I was still told it was my fault that the United States as we knew would be forever destroyed and there would never be a chance to rebuild the freedom we would lose under another democrat administration. What is funnier than hell. I took a few years off from being focused on politics. When I started up my political FB account again and took a look at so many of those people who turned on me like rabid dogs, they were almost all Never Trump people and had gone third party to try making sure Trump lost to, of all people, Hillary Clinton. But in the 2024 presidential election if the GOp does not have some wild card like Trump running these same people will be carrying the GOP banner high and attacking anyone who refuses to vote for another GOP hack like McCain.
Sadly the minds of the average American are fairly simple and easy to manipulate.


Well I respect Mark Levine a lot, but I have reservations about an Article V convention of states.

The Constitutional Convention was ostensibly called to revise the Articles of Confederation not entirely replace it. But that's exactly what it did. An Article V Convention could do the same.

The Constitutional Convention was chaired by George Washington. He had universal esteem as the leader and victor of the Revolution. Nobody today has his kind of approval or moral authority.

The rest of the Convention was a brilliant supporting cast. Those with college educations represented the intellectual consensus of the day. Where are their like today? The current cadres coming from universities don't believe in freedom of speech, much less the other freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Many don't even believe in objective truth.

Our Constitution was the result of a confuence of great ideas, great people and the right circumstances. The same convention held today could easily go off the rails and give us something hideous.

Absolutely. The very idea is terrifying.

Timon, First of all, if I may, it would not be a constitutional convention. It would be a convention of states, which is what the very constitution that you and I esteem, calls for! No way could a convention of states replace the Constitution. The Founders, knowing the unwillingness of government to govern itself, provided this means to reign them in. With the debt skyrocketing, endangering the freedoms of our grandchildren's children, something needs to be done, or we're done! Just look at the fiasco known as an impeachment inquiry! These guys are lunatics. Calling for a convention of states would, at the very least, give the people some hope to restore some sanity in our lives, and the conversations around the country should educate many who care!

@govols The very idea of NOT calling for a convention of states terrifies me!

@dmatic I understand your point, but I'm just too distrustful of our current legal intelligencia to support the idea. These assholes have been studying critical legal theory for 50 years for just exactly the purpose of distorting plain language constitution into an interpretive steaming stew of meaninglessness. I con only imagine what they could concoct from scratch.

@govols I hear your skepticism! BUT, if this really is a government of, by and for the people, WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING! What do you suggest, if not to follow the Constitution's directive?

This thread highlights my conflict with the idea of having a Convention of States. I see a need for it with the way our federal government has gotten so out of hands, and there are great ideas for such a Convention to address, but I also see where it could lead to obliterating our foundation of liberty. I know the Second Amendment would certainly come under attack. I also worry that the president would be given even more powers as if he were a monarchy, a law unto himself accountable to no-one. The socialists would fight to end the rule of presidents having to be a natural born citizen, something I think should be addressed but only to re-enforce that law and make it very clear so an illegal president like O-bomb-a will have no ground to stand on, and will not only not be allowed to take office, but face charges for even running. Of course republicans would not support this as they had their own illegal candidate they tried running, Ted Cruz. He was no more a natural born citizen than was O-bomb-a. If the socialists had their way somebody who was not even a naturalized citizen could run for any office they wanted. They would also destroy the electoral college which would lead to a civil war for certain.

@KCSantiago I hear your fear as well, but remember, this convention would only be for proposing amendments to be offered for consideration to the states. In order for them to be ratified thirty eight states would need to ratify an amendment. Screwy amendments would not stand a trying to repeal the second!


Article V of the Constitution needs to be talked about. The two methods for proposing amendments to the Constitution are for proposals to arise from the Congress, OR the States. When 34 of the states present a request for a convention to propose amendments, Congress shall call for one. The people governing the governors....what a concept!

Many fear-mongers out there, though. While pretending to support the Constitution, they misrepresent the Constitution, and fret about a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con), which a convention of states is not! Any proposed amendments that arise from a Convention of States would need to be presented for ratification to the states. 3/4 of which (38), would need to ratify the proposals before they would actually amend the constitution.

Term limits for Congress, a balanced budget amendment of some kind and/or fair tax may be a good place to start.

dmatic Level 8 Nov 14, 2019

Term limits for congress

Tie pay raises to increase in mean/median income increase

Congress must obey all laws as any other citizen, think Obamacare

Reiterate, for the illiterate, that SCOTUS ONLY job is to determine if a law is allowable under the Constitution, as written. Include language to make it explicit that this was done because they have failed in that, their only simple duty.


An Article V Convention of States is just a means to submit amendments that Congress refuses to consider.
The proposals still have to be ratified by the States.
The Convention is the failsafe against a Congress that no longer represents the people who sent them there... it is the means by which we simply go around them.
I think they should focus on two things, and only two things to keep it simple: Repealing the 17th Amendment and Implementing House Resolution 25, FairTax. These two structural repairs to the nation's framework, would result in a Congress that was beholden to their constituents once again, and not just their respective Parties and a bunch of lobbyists.
With the people's representatives actually representing the people, we should be able to enact any further repairs through normal channels.

rway Level 7 Nov 14, 2019
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