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When ever you ask tough questions... It goes to hell

RemiDallaire 9 Nov 11
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I'd like to see actual proof the person holding that sign. Is female . Noone . I repeat noone would willfully approach and touch any " lady " law relating to that person. MSNBC & ABC shameful liars , and pervyous of fake news so blatant . So transparently false . This sign holder is the product of that criminally false narrative. Free thinkers are strangely thin on the ground. I hope 2020,s outcome proves me wrong .


Rush Limbaugh said 30 years ago, “Feminism was designed to give unattractive women access to the mainstream.”

Apparently not all have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Feminism. : The aim to achieve equality with men in all aspects of life.
With equality reached in JFK days ( equal pay act) . The ideology is now aiming for superiority. Toxic femininity is real . Heterosexual feminists have stopped performing oral sex . Apparently it internalises patriarchy. ,😄

@ForeverFree76 Thats plainly obvious. If you were a feminist. You would be trying to get Feminism = cancer group taken down. . I never for a second thought you were a feminist . I didn't cast any aspersions did I?


"I'm asking for your opinion."

"I don't want to give it."

"Why not?"

That would be because in her heart she knows she is WRONG! Plus they tend to be cowards, and quite often do not actually know why they "believe" something, it was just what their instructor in some class told them to believe.

Isn't she a real keeper.. How can I get her number. 🥴?.
I'm amazed people like her exist. A pole inserted between the cobwebbed embossed , tumble weeded nether regions .
She would make a great counter symbol to inflatable Trump at a Bernie rally.

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