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Jonathon Swift's A Modest Proposal revisited. I bet this lady had more fun though...

KCSantiago 8 Oct 4
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Cool to see the right teaming up on pranks with the LaRouchies...

I really have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

@KCSantiago Never heard of the late Lyndon LaRouche? This was a prank organized by his cult.

@WilyRickWiles I am familiar with Larouche. Was not aware his groupies were still active though, and have nothing to connect them to this woman's comment at AOC's gathering. In addition the idea of the "right" teaming up with the Larouche groupies really makes no sense. I would be considering right leaning, personally thought this was a brilliant move when you look at it in the light of Swift's work and the history behind it, but I have no connection what so ever with Larouche groupies, and neither do any of the right leaning people I associate. In fact you are the first and only person I have known to even mention Larouche in well over a decade.

@KCSantiago Here. []

@KCSantiago I mean the Trumpists do seem to have learned a lot from the LaRouchies' conspiracy theories.

Here's the link to the above pictured tweet: []

@KCSantiago I guess this was the inspiration for the content of their stunt: []

@KCSantiago They're motivated by a conspiracy theory that the Queen of England (and probably the Jews) are using climate change activism for nefarious means.

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