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"The Constitution of the United States provides in Article 2, Section 2, that the President “shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur.”

The link below goes to a letter written by three scumbag senators who embarked on an effort to direct a foreign government on how they had to deal with this country, directing foreign relations, and treaties with a letter writing campaign, in essence.

Democrats are in a panic about Trump asking a foreign government to look into possible illegal activities not only of a U. S. citizen in that country, but none other than the son of a former vice president who possibly used his position as vice president to get junior this job by pandering his influence in handing over billions in aid to said country.


KCSantiago 8 Sep 26
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Yep, Bill Clinton lied to Congress under oath and wasn't impeached. It is the Democratic double standard. Democrats are saintly, everyone else deserves to be ground to dust.

You know there was an impeachment trial for Clinton. We're nowhere near that point for Trump.

Reasons to impeach:
8 felony campaign finance violations including Giuliani's role with Ukraine.
Soliciting foreign election interference from Ukraine.
Potential quid pro quo with Ukraine aid.
Obstruction of justice during the Mueller probe.
Immigration policy.
Politicizing the Department of Justice.
Abuse of pardon power.
Electioneering by his campaign, donors, and Cambridge Analytica in 2016.
Potential foreign collusion in 2016.
Criminality of his 2016 campaign (e.g. Manafort, Flynn, and Cohen).
Potential fraud, money laundering, threats of violence, bribery, and ties to organized crime during his business career.

But Whitewater and Monica!

@WilyRickWiles Abuse of pardon power? What section of the federal case is that listed? Politicizing of the Justice Department? Again, statutes please. Potential foreign collusion? No facts or evidence but it may have happened? Immigration Policy? Having an immigration policy is a high crime or misdemeanor? Oh I'll stop there, this is just sad whining.

@WilyRickWiles there was actual evidence for Clinton, nowhere near that for Trump so far.

While there may be statutes describing why an action by the President would be a crime if committed by any other citizen, there is no need to rely on legal statutes for the Senate to convict. The standard is "high crimes and misdemeanors." []

And I think my use of "potential" was clear enough about where more investigation is needed--something the impeachment process would help with.

Regarding immigration policy, there should have been hearings yesterday on Trump's reckless family separation policy. It certainly meets the aforementioned standard.

You may not like it, but that's probably because it's a political process.

@JimbobNE Your only evidence for Clinton, not counting "sad whining" is perjury. If you think that's worthy of impeachment, why not Trump's obstruction and campaign finance felonies? The latter have basically been proved in court already and the former were strongly suggested by Mueller, but won't be proven unless impeachment proceeds.

@WilyRickWiles perjury is lying under oath. A felony. Is a felony offense of a crime of dishonesty not enough for booting him? Hell, even lawyers thought he was a shitbag and booted him from almost every bar association of which he was a member.

@WilyRickWiles if the obstruction and campaign finance stuff have been proven, then why haven't the dems focused on that and not the bs they invented in the Russia probe? The whole Steele dossier was garbage.

@WilyRickWiles which president started the family separations? Oh yeah, Barry. Who separated more families than Trump? Oh yeah, Barry. How many impeachment charges were brought against saint Barry? Oh yeah, none. Spare me.

@JimbobNE Jesus, how many times do we need to hash this out. Under Obama, older children were detained when they came here alone until they could make arrangements with an adult in the US (which they generally already had planned out). Under Trump, they started unnecessarily detaining asylees, requiring their young children, who aren't as capable of navigating the legal system and don't know other adults in the US, to be detained. This caused a huge spike in children detainees, overtaxing the system. They knew full well that would be the consequence and did so anyway, intending it to be a deterrent (it wasn't).

@JimbobNE The Democratic leadership is incompetent and has bad corporate centrist politics.

@JimbobNE Like I said, if a felony is enough for Clinton, why not 8 known felonies for Trump?

@WilyRickWiles if there is actual evidence, tell them to bring it. Nancy is in charge of the house. Bring the hearing on these alleged felonies. She isn't bringing it for a reason. Talk to Nancy about that. Maybe because about 90% of the members of Congress flout those rules and something about those who live in glass houses tossing stones. But maybe there isn't evidence of Trump violating those laws.

@WilyRickWiles not just the dems the repubs as well. Toss everybody in Washington into flames and let people run their own lives.

@WilyRickWiles it doesn't matter, none of them have the right to be here. They were being held until we could verify any claim of asylum. Why didn't they ask for astin Mexico? They knew they may not be accepted and came here anyway. No tears. No regrets. They want our welfare benefits they have to put up with our rules.


Yeah, but they're democrats so it doesn't count

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